Rugby Ain’t for everyone, but Coming of Age is retrospective

A Handsome Devil retrospective While the summer is always huge for sport in Ireland, this week alone saw Dublin host the Europa League final, congratulations to Italian club Atlanta, and the Champions Cup rugby final will see Irish side Leinster attempt to tie the record for most wins in that competition. Sport and its relationship… Continue reading Rugby Ain’t for everyone, but Coming of Age is retrospective

International Literature Festival Dublin

Children’s Books and Authors During the month of May, an exciting celebration of literature is happening in Merrion Square, which showcases the works of authors from all over the world. This will be the festival’s twenty-seventh year and the biggest to date, with over 230 events revolving around various literary subjects. The most exciting news,… Continue reading International Literature Festival Dublin

Literary museums

A new way to discover children’s books Stepping into literature If you’ve ever wished to step into the fascinating world of your most beloved books, we have good news for you. A revolutionary wave in museum design is now transforming this dream into a reality so you can become a character in your favourite fictional… Continue reading Literary museums