Heritage Week Tipperary 2022

Buildings in a town reimagined: Child / Youth model-making workshop at the MoCI. A bakery for birds; A tasty organic dog treat shop; A children only ‘Rainbow Icecream’ parlour; A ‘No Phones Allowed’ parent and child cafe, and a children’s clothes swop shop!

As part of Ireland’s National Heritage Week, the Museum of Childhood Ireland have teamed up with Tipperary Town Revitalisation: https://www.facebook.com/TippTownRevitalisation/ Councillor Anne Marie Ryan Shiner: https://www.tipperarycoco.ie/your-council/cllr-anne-marie-ryan-shiner and Excel Heritage: https://www.tipperaryexcel.com/ to deliver an exciting range of sustainable heritage projects for children and young people in Tipperary Town.  

This wonderful NHW 2022 project grew out of the Tipp Town CTCHC Project: https://www.heritagecouncil.ie/news/news-features/tipperary-release-heading The CTCHC Programme from Alison Harvey, Heritage Council: https://www.heritagecouncil.ie/projects/town-centre-health-check-programme has committed to including the voices of children and youth at its very core. As our fundamental objective at museumofchildhood.ie is that ALL children should be Seen and Heard, we are delighted to be involved in this collaborative project! The beauty of this heritage project is the sheer number of people and organisations across the whole community who have connected and come together to make this happen. Ní neart go cur le chéile.

Thank you so much everyone! Go raibh mile maith agaibh!

On Saturday, 13th of August, we begin the first of the Museum of Childhood Ireland’s Child / Youth Voice events in Tipperary Town for Heritage Week 2022.

Background: From March to June we ran a series of Information Workshops and Consultations with young people ( Youth/Child Voice) in Tipperary Town and arising directly from these our Heritage Week programme was developed.

See below for more details:

The theme this year is SUSTAINABILITY.

#Sustainability  #HeritageWeek

On Saturday 13th August.

Venue: Excel Heritage Centre. Fully accessible.

10 am – 1:30 pm :

Event 1.A. “Tipperary-Building Our Future”

Talks from Alison Harvey ( Heritage Council CTCHC ), Jamie McNamara ( Historic Town Regeneration, Eoin O’Connor (City & Regional Planning), Peter Pearson ( Heritage Activism), for children /youth / all community, on building reuse in town regeneration and sustainability. 







Followed by,

B. Children / Youth interactive Workshop, facilitated by Cliodhna Martin, Majella McAllister, and Levina Reeves, The Museum of Childhood Ireland.



2.A. ”Tipperary- Our Town, Our Future”

Building reuse ideas workshop, screening of a short film on Model Making techniques, followed by a hands-on model making workshop with children’s participation facilitator Emily Drew, the Museum of Childhood Ireland. https://www.linkedin.com/in/emily-drew-0b1ab11b0

B.”Sculpture for Tipperary Town”

Sculptor and Artist Lorraine Cleary http://lorraineclearystudio.com/ will lead an upcycled materials, Bricolage, ‘Gloved Hand Sculpture’ workshop. Theme: The Glove Factory. ( tying in with the release of Tipperary Town Revitalisation Heritage Group’s documentary film on August 17th.) Do bring along some pieces of interesting broken furniture/ books /toys /metal / fabric etc you’d like reused!

On Saturday 13th, Student Heritage Week Ambassadors ( in groups of 3) will be on hand to guide you on Tipperary Town from their perspective. 


Exhibitions, August 14th-20th

We will have displays in shopfronts on the Main Street of the work of Tipperary children and youth undertaken through consultations with the Museum of Childhood Ireland from March through to August 2022. The children’s work from the first day of Heritage Week workshops will also go on display. The exhibition will be curated by and launched by our Art Curator, on Sunday August 14th


Glove Factories Remembered, August 18th

Tipperary Excel Heritage Centre

7.30pm Tipperary Glove Factories Remembered – A Short Film (by Mary Alice O’Connor, chair TTRTF Heritage Group)


Wild Child Day, August 18th

“Ceremonial Apple tree planting” with a group of local children in Tipperary town and launch of our ‘From Apple Seeds to Apple Trees’ project in Tipperary , celebrating ‘Wild Child Day’. We are delighted to be collaborating for this event with the wonderful Orla Farrell from Easy Treesie, Crann.


On Saturday 20th August.

Venue: Excel Heritage Centre.

10 am – 1:30 pm : 

1.”Sustainability Talks”


Lorraine Cleary, Sustainable Art

Charlie Davis, Sustainable communities

Karla Dragić, Sustainable Craft

Orla Farrell, Easy Treesie, Crann, Sustainable Planting

Sarah Kouacou, Sustainability- A world view

Sarah Lavelle, Sustainable food

James McConville, Sustainable Play

Danny Sheehy, Environmental sustainability 

Jennifer Thornton, Sustainable fashion

MoCI, Sustainable toys










2 pm – 3 pm 

2.”Sustainable Storytelling”

Make do and mend-Athúsáid

Intergenerational Storytelling workshop on themes of Sustainability with Dr Catherine Gilliand.


3.From 4 pm – 5 pm :

“Sustainability on Screen”

Screening of young people’s videos on Sustainability.

And…Apple Tree Planting, part 2!

On Saturday 20th Student HeritageWeek Ambassadors ( in groups of 3) will be on hand to guide you on Tipperary Town from their perspective. 


Announcement! From September Artist/Sculptor Kate Oram https://www.kateoram.com/ will lead a clay sculpting and art workshop project for museumofchildhood.ie with school students in Tipperary Town, exploring their heritage of the Glove Factory


Wherever you live, get Involved!

Before Heritage Week begins there are lots of Projects for under 18s to get involved in this summer! Our event focus is on Tipperary Town but you don’t have to live in Tipperary to explore this beautiful and welcoming Irish town or take part in any of our projects. Come and visit Tipperary Town during Heritage Week 2022 or anytime of the year! Closing date for all of the following 4 projects is Sunday 7th August, with prize winners announced by the 20th of August. So get thinking, snapping, recording, drawing, and writing now!Remember all children’s entries to info@museumofchildhood.ie via Parents /Guardians please.

Photography and video judges are: Eamon Doyle, Paul Quinn, Gary Doyle Photography, Barry Delaney, Peter Keane, and John Hickey.








Poetry/Writing judges: Alannah O’Neill Murray, John O’Donnell, and Ciara Aoife O’Síoráin.




Art judges are: Joe Ryan and Adelle Hickey.



We also have some fantastic prizes to give away to participants, so get your entries in ASAP! Prizes include: Voucher for afternoon tea for 4 from the Great National Ballykisteen Golf Hotel. Voucher for dinner for 2 from restaurant ‘Prime 74’. Voucher for afternoon tea for 4 from ‘French Quarter Cafe’. Cinema voucher for 4 from ‘Excel Cinema’. A signed copy of an Eamon Doyle Photography Art book: Eamonn Doyle . A signed copy of Barry Delaney and John O’Donnell’s Photography / Poetry book ‘Americans Anonymous’. Limited edition art print ‘Hare’ by Adelle Hickey. An Irish organic, hand crafted, wool cat basket by ‘Between the Seems’. A €20 gift voucher from Whelan’s Toymaster  https://joewhelans.ie/ . Art materials and books from Easons, Dúnlaoghaire, And books, art and craft materials, games, flower, vegetable and tree seeds and more from the MoCI…


‘Hare’, Adelle Hickey


‘Sustainability-I Have an Idea!’

Have a great idea on SUSTAINABILITY? Can you make a short video on your phone and tell us about or show us your idea!?

Then Parent / Guardian please email 1 entry per child / youth under 18 years to: info@museumofchildhood.ie

Entries will be displayed in #TipperaryTown during #HeritageWeek2022 and online at museumofchildhood.ie 


Tipperary Town-A Building I Love!

📸Attention all budding photographers (under the age of 18)! We are looking for you to take a photo of your favourite building in Tipperary town for #Heritageweek2022 #CTCHC. It’s time to make Tipperary shine! 📷

PARENT/GUARDIAN please submit 1 entry per child / youth up to age 18 years of age to: info@museumofchildhood.ie

Entries will be displayed locally in #TipperaryTown for #HeritageWeek2022 and online at museumofchildhood.ie 


By Sustainability- I Mean…

Attention budding Poets and Writers! When you hear the word SUSTAINABILITY what comes to mind? Would you like to explore your ideas, express your understanding, or let us know what comes to mind, through poetry or a short piece of writing? We’d love to hear what you have to say!

PARENTS /Guardians: Please submit 1 poem and or 1 piece of writing (1 entry per child / youth up to age 18) to: info@museumofchildhood.ie

Entries will be displayed in Tipperary town throughout Heritage Week, and online on our website: museumofchildhood.ie


Tipperary Town-Imaginative Reuse!

Attention all budding Artists and Architects! Do you have an idea of how you’d like to reuse empty buildings in Tipperary Town? Be as imaginative as you can! ( Personally, I’d love a shop that sells 🍀 and 🌈 s! )Then draw /paint /collage /sketch /stitch/Lego / Meccano/ model-make your ideas! ( and do provide a few lines to explain your idea!)

Then PARENTS/GUARDIANS please photograph the artwork and send (up to 3 entries per child / youth up to 18) to: info@museumofcholdhood.ie

Entries will be displayed in Tipperary town throughout Heritage Week, and online on our website museumofchildhood.ie

For further details and inquiries see info@museumofchildhood.ie



Tipperary Glove Factory Remembered


This film documentary traces the gloving industry from its beginning in the early 1900’s to the 1970’s adding valuable information in the context of the social and industrial heritage of the town.

Dr Denis G Marnane gives us a rare insight into the political and economic situation during these years and the impact of this industry on the town. Dr. Marnane’s narration, accompanied by images, photographs & drone footage, bring to life our town’s industrial history.

The re-enactment, featuring local actors and directed by Jim Keane & produced by Mary Alice O’Connor, depicts a typical day in the life of factory workers. Themes of immigration & working conditions are mentioned as well as the important social life of the time (dancing in the Tower Ballroom) It is set in the late 1950’s, at a time when there was a number of small factories engaged in the making of gloves, plus a cottage industry for women working at home & being paid ‘piece work’.
The film is a tribute to the men & women who worked in this industry, especially those working from home (doing piece work, ie. paid according to their output).

The film endeavours to recall a bygone era. It will also demonstrate to our young people the working conditions/the problems of immigration etc, and how far we have come in the intervening years
In conjunction, we will host an exhibition at Tipperary Excel featuring the memorabilia salvaged from the last remaining glove factory at James street.


Objects for the Museum of Childhood Ireland

Don’t forget to check out this wonderful project from our History Team here at the museum for Heritage Week 2022. The video presentation is an incredibly interesting listen.

Museum of Childhood Ireland, Co. Dublin – Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown

Seven historians of childhood and youth in Ireland present short videos on an object or objects that they would like to see in a Museum of Childhood Ireland. The videos are interspersed with singing by young people of nursery rhymes and Irish songs that would be familiar to several generations of Irish children.

The motto of the Museum of Childhood Ireland is ‘All Children Should be Seen and Heard’ and the aim is to establish Ireland’s first museum to give voice to the diverse historical and contemporary experiences of children and childhood.

We currently have a very active virtual presence run entirely by volunteers with expertise in history, education, youth work, strategy, governance, finance and communications. We are also actively campaigning to identify a physical site for the Museum in an Irish town centre.

The Museum has acquired through donation a large collection of objects that will form part of the Museum’s permanent collection. For Heritage Week 2022, we decided to ask the History team in the Museum to present a series of short videos on objects that they would like to see in the Museum and to explain how the selected item contributes to our understanding of the history of childhood and youth in Ireland.

We also want to engage the wider public in a discussion on what objects they would like to see in a Museum of Childhood in Ireland. We are, therefore, asking people – through a social media campaign – to submit suggestions to MOCI.


Child’s polio calipers

Eliminating Polio in Ireland 1965