James Joyce 21


After an incredibly difficult process, our international judging panel of Joyce experts have made their final decision:


From 6th Class St Columba’s NS, North Strand (in no particular order): Olivia, Joseph, Lina, Adam, Faolán, Arty, Louis, Isaac, James, and Zach.


From 6th Class St Columba’s NS, North Strand (in no particular order): Esme, Finn, Edy, Michael, Filip, Zoe, Simona, Senan, Suzana, Anya, Paddy, Sofie, Conor, and James. Also, Hannah, Age 12 in Ireland; Naomi, Domincan College in Drumcondra; Hannah, Kildorrery NS in Cork.


Tied in 4th Place: Cody, 6th Class St Columba’s NS, North Strand; Tia Ann, 12yrs, Kilcoole Primary School in Wicklow; Olivia.

3rd Place: Fionn, Age 11 from Ireland.

2nd Place: Alex, Age 12, from Co. Tipperary.


1st Place: Aedus, Age 10, Homeschooled in Co. Meath.


Congratulations to all our honourable mentions, shortlisted authors, runners up, and to our overall winner, Aedus!

All of these entries will soon appear as part of our James Joyce 21 online exhibition in the coming weeks – stay tuned for that!


Happy Bloomsday 2020! Following on from the 2019 Dubliners short story initiative organised by DR Anne Marie D’Arcy we’re celebrating Bloomsday 2020 with the launch of a year long children’s writing competition, again in collaboration with Marsh’s Library’ Dublin, with an exhibition planned for Bloomsday 2021 when 21 of the entries submitted will be chosen for exhibition. The invitation to submit is open to children and young adults around the world, up to 18 years of age. Inspired by Joyce’s Ulysses, write a story, fiction/ non fiction around just one day in your life. In the spirit of James Joyce we’d like you to write about any one day in your own life, in your own part of the world, in your own words, and in your own voice.

500 words or less

Please include a Story Title, Child/Young Adult’s 1st Name, Age, School, and Country of Residence. Entries by Parent/Guardian Only to info@museumofchildhood.ie

James Joyce 2021 Judging Panel

Dr Sam Slote (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Dr Katherine O’Callaghan (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)
Dr Richard Barlow (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Professor Margot Backus (University of Houston, USA)


The names of all 21 shortlisted writers, and the names of their schools, will be published in The James Joyce Broadsheet. The overall winner will be considered for publication in the Broadsheet, pending editorial approval.

Here are some fun Joycean links for kids to explore:



Here are some photographs from the Children’s Dubliners, James Joyce Story Writing Competition school workshops and presentation from early March 2020. Wonderful, talented young writers took part, with the fantastic Julie Burke and all the team at Marsh’s Library, the inspirational Dr Anne Marie D’Arcy from the University of Leicester, and Majella McAllister and Dr Matthew Fogarty from the MCI Project. The Presentation was on Wednesday afternoon the 11th March 2020 in the magical setting of Marsh’s Library, Dublin.