Project 2020 Together, Le Chéile

“Project 2020/TOGETHER, LE CHÉILE” from The Museum of Childhood Ireland Project. The project devised in February, was implemented on St. Patricks Day, March 17th , and as entries from children around the world poured in, launched as an online exhibition on June 4th 2020. Author Myra Zepf introduced the online exhibition and author/illustrator Carol Ann Treacy designed the bespoke frames to display the children’s written submissions.

Breaking News.

Check out our first physical exhibition of Project 2020 Together , Le Cheile, hosted by the wonderful Arts Centre, Highland Park, Illinois.

About Our Writing/ Art Project (and Exhibition)

The Museum of Childhood’s Project 2020 Together, Le Chéile online exhibition launch on June 4th 2020

MCI Project online launch of Project 2020 Together, Le Chéile, Dublin, Ireland. June 4th 2020

Note: Due to the unprecedented volume of 11th hour submissions, verification issues, and some submissions displaying surnames etc, we have not been able to upload every entry yet. But don’t worry! These will continue to be uploaded on this page throughout the coming months. Some fantastic children submitted multiple entries, and while we unfortunately only have room to display one of them for now, we will endeavour to display the other equally wonderful Works, over time.

Tarraingíonn scéal scéal eile. One story begets another. In this strange and unsettling time of pandemic, the well-being and mental health of all our children is of paramount importance to us.

Project 2020 provides a platform for children of all ages to express their hopes and fears, thoughts and observations, whilst providing a sense of community and togetherness as work and art received is highlighted through a virtual exhibition.

“Project 2020/TOGETHER, LE CHÉILE” will allow us to hear our children, and in doing so learn from and understand their perspective.

We hope to provide children here in Ireland and throughout the world with tools to help them make some sort of sense of this pandemic from their perspective.

Each week, during lockdown, we released a “common theme” and asked children to develop their thoughts using art, drawing, poems, or short stories. Each work will be published on our virtual exhibition to provide inspiration and a sense of “togetherness” and “closeness” to other children who would like to participate, or who simply, would like to observe the work done by others.

Arts becomes a channel to communicate during this time of isolation, giving children and their families insights, inspirations, and examples of how other children and other communities around the world are experiencing this moment of emergency.

What we need from you!

We are looking for story entries of between 100 and 500 words or illustrations that fit on A4 size paper. Children are welcomed, indeed encouraged to make submissions in their native/first language (we will need help with some translations though!)

Simply email your children’s entries to: 

We invite submissions from parents / carers, of their children’s work. Entries are open to children up to 18 years of age. We welcome submissions in any order and under any of the theme headings. Closing date for the 1st online exhibition is 29th May 2020. However you can send entries in at anytime for the duration of the pandemic, as further online, as well as physical exhibitions are planned.

Devised and curated by Majella McAllister, the 1st online exhibition will be launched by Myra Zepf on Thursday June 4th at 4pm; with wonderful frames designed to compliment the children’s work by Carol Ann Tracey. Further online exhibitions are planned. Worldwide physical exhibitions will follow too once it is safe to do so.

For more details please see press release link here:

This exhibition will be a worldwide voice of the child during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please feel free to share this initiative with your friends all over the world, so it’s reach is as wide as possible. 

Physical Exhibitions.

We plan to host physical exhibitions of the children’s work received when it is safe to do so / when the Pandemic is finally over. The exhibitions will take place in Ireland (outdoors and indoors) and at locations throughout the world. We will post as exhibition locations are confirmed.

Go raibh maith agaibh go leir!

Thank you to all the children at home and around the globe who contributed their voices to this project. You spoke. We heard you.

I’ve so many people to thank for their help on this project, all an absolute joy to work with. My colleagues on the project: Katia Tikhoniouk, and Valentina Salaris .Thank you to the amazing authors and illustrators Myra Zepf, and Carol Ann Treacy. Also huge thanks to our panelists on the day: Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley, Dr Gabriela Martinz Sainz, Esther Ayo-James, Alannah Murray, Alannah O’Sullivan, fellow colleagues from the MCI Project. Community activists, and panelists for the launch: Mary McDonagh, Ola Ouluwaseun, and Austin Campbell, thank you, and all the wonderful friends we’ve made at home and throughout the world, Jessica Boffa, Italy, Leanne McDonagh Art, Cork, James Brandon, Tate, and Groundswell Arts, London, Mike Murawski,USA, Lauren Perlman at Mummies and Masterpieces,USA, Nenna Okongwu at the Nigerian Museum, Luca Merlijn at the Katmandu Museum, Iman Abouhasan, the Children’s Museum/Egyptian Museum, Jouetta van der Ploeg at the Netherlands Museum; our friends at Giunti Academy and all in Italy: Alfredo Giacchetto, Rossella Genovese, Edoardo Lampis, Adolfo Parente, Sara Cartolano, Annarita Bini’, Maria Giulia Voltin, Giuliana Lutricuso, Flavio Pessina, Samuela Caliari, Flavio Milandri, Danusa Castro, Benedetta Baccaraura Chiesa, Loredana Pellegrino, Benedetta Baccaro, Veriana Sepiacci, Carlotta Bonifazi, Alex Pinna, Ausilia Venturella, Fantaricuclando association, Metamuseo Girovag, Centro Italiano Storytelling, Gaetano Di Tondo, Luigi Emanuele di Marco, Patrizia Asproni, Children’s Museum, Verona, Explora, and Città dei Bambini,Roma. Grazie mille!

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