When We Were Kings and Queens of the Road: Karl Doyle

I got a lift to and from school everyday with my mam.
On the way to school we would chat and listen to 98fm (I loved Dermot & Dave).

On the way home my friend Tadhg would come with us because his house was on the way. Tadhg and I used to ramble on about whatever nerdy thing we were fascinated by that week, and my mam would try her best to understand! Tadhg and I drifted apart after school but last I heard, he was doing well which makes me happy.

A childhood photo of Karl

I still love being in the car with my mam as we are very close, and we use time in the car as time to chat or listen to early 00s pop music!
I still scab lifts off my mam all the time! She is truly the best!

Name’s Karl! I am currently a multimedia coordinator for RTÉ who loves nothing more than having fun and enjoying every day as it comes.
I use a wheelchair to get around, mostly because of my disability but sometimes just because I’m lazy!
In short, I am just a nerd who loves media and spending time with friends and family

Time with family is the most important thing for Karl.

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By Chloe Browne

Chloe Browne is an Irish writer, curator and Art Historian, with a keen interest in objects and social history.