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Welcome to Youth Voices at the Museum of Childhood Ireland

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Open to members up to 18 years of age.

Our Youth Voices Team, drawn from across Ireland, are:

Emma Azim

Danny Collins

Précieuse Benjaminé

Freya Feeney

Jemi John

Sinead O’Reilly

Alannah O’Sullivan

Nicole Power

Danny Sheehy

Please get in contact with us at: if you’d like to join this dynamic team

Douglass Week

Douglass Week Creative Response

For Douglass Week the museum’s Youth Voices Team have conceived their own responses (see below) which are all uniquely Peer to Peer, calling on their fellow youth of Ireland, and amongst the diaspora worldwide, up to 18years of age, to take part and have their say…

*Youth voices call for #DouglassWeek submissions now open!!* (Age group: Up to 18 years) 

Peer to peer request for art inspired by #DouglassWeek 

The art form can be of any kind be it painting, prose, poetry, spoken word, crafts, dance, song, the options are limitless. What we’re looking for is your authentic voice: What does racism look like to you? Are you aware of its presence in your life? Or not? What could the future look like without racism? You can take any perspective you like.

We can’t wait to see what you create! ✨

Sinead O’Reilly

Entries to: DouglassWeek 

Tá muid ag iarradh BHUR píosaí ealaíne a déanann cuir síos ar ciníochas in Éirinn. An bhfuil sé ann, an bhfuil tú tar éis é a fheiceál, nó, fiú níos measa, an riabh rinneadh aon rud ciníoch duit féin? Tarraingt, ceoil, íomhá, péint, fís, stíl ar bith ealaíne a thaithníon leatsa! Cliceál ar an link inár mbio #douglasweek#racisminireland #racism #antiracism#gaeilge #bródúil

Freya Feeney

Douglass Week Survey

Alannah O’Sullivan

Discrimination in Ireland – A survey by the youth panel of the Museum of Childhood Ireland.

Idirdhealú in Éirinn

Gaeilge, go raibh maith agat Freya Feeny

#DouglassWeek. This is an all-island, collaborative event series that celebrates the arrival of Frederick Douglass in Ireland between 1845-1846, during which time he lectured to packed audiences, met with Daniel O’Connell and reflected upon the devastating effects of the famine then beginning to sweep the nation. The week is marked by a variety of performative events, creative installations and critical discussion, offering a collection of responses to address the footprint of Douglass in Ireland. Between the 8th-14th February, 2021, we invite you to join us on Douglass’s journey across the island by watching and participating in unique “Creative Commemorations” projects from Douglass enthusiasts all across the Emerald Isle.