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Charity number: 20205452

The Museum of Childhood Ireland is breaking new ground by reimagining what it means to be a “Museum of Childhood.” At present, there are museums of childhood which focus on toys and nostalgia; there are also children’s museums that offer various activities based on educational and scientific principles and there are social history museums that address some aspects of childhood from a historical perspective. The Museum of Childhood Ireland adopts a wide-angle approach to childhood that is both islandwide and international in scope. As there is no singular narrative that captures childhood experiences in Ireland, we present an inclusive and holistic view of historical and contemporary childhood that inspires critical reflection and stimulates important and timely conversations about childhood in all its complex forms.

Over the last three decades, the varied history of children and childhood in Ireland has come to the fore of our collective cultural consciousness in ways that are too frequently dark and deeply disturbing. We are in many important ways still coming to terms with the legacy of the outdated belief that “children should be seen and not heard.” At the Museum of Childhood Ireland we believe that all children should be seen and heard. Our primary objective is the establishment of a national institution that can take the lead in creating a new vision for the way in which children are cherished and respected in Irish society.

Photo: Museum of Childhood, Ireland. Detail from a child’s dress.