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Telling the stories of children & childhood

Welcome to the inspiring home of children and childhood

A first for Ireland, the Museum of Childhood Ireland puts children and childhood – past and present – at the centre of life. This extraordinary destination and attraction gathers together the wonderful, challenging and diverse strands of the ever-evolving story of childhood.

The Museum is an exciting, physical and on-line hub where people of all ages – island-wide and beyond – are inspired to learn, play, reflect, and grow. It invites you to explore how key events and experiences of childhood had impacts here and far beyond our shores. 

When children are seen and heard, we learn, we understand, we grow – and we are a better people, a better country, because of it. Children are not simply apprentice adults. They are equal and vital human beings – and just like people in middle or older age – they are at a precious moment in their lives. They possess their own unique perspectives, feelings, and contributions. When shared, these unique testimonies complete our world.

When we discover and interact with the histories and voices of children across Ireland, we get a fuller view of childhood, and of Ireland. And because children are meaningfully involved in the planning and running of the museum, the experience for visitors, scholars, groups and supporters is all the more authentic and rich.

This pioneering museum is a new and welcome destination and resource for Ireland. Its diverse and enlightening programme of displays, archives and events reimagines how children can be truly cherished and celebrated in Irish society. It’s a rich resource to inspire critical reflection and timely conversations about childhood – from its dark and disturbing past traumas to its more inventive and joyful narratives – and the extraordinary magic of possibility that childhood can be.

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Cherishing all the children of the nation equally

Photo: Museum of Childhood, Ireland. Detail from a child’s dress.