• Angela Finegan’s Upside Down, Cinderella Doll
    1st-She serves as a maid to her step-mother and sisters 2nd- She goes to the ball! The upside down Cinderella doll came from our aunt in Winchester, England. A neighbour of hers made the dolls from scraps of material. One year, for each of our birthdays a doll arrived in the post to us in Ireland. I remember my sister and I acting out… Continue reading Angela Finegan’s Upside Down, Cinderella Doll
  • Maia’s little Rosebud doll, 1950s
    Maia grew up in SE London in the 50s. Her parents both hailed from Co Wexford. She was given the beautiful little Rosebud doll by her neighbour and always treasured it. A 7 inch doll, she opens and closes her eyes, has a fully jointed body, soft brown hair, painted shoes, and is dressed in a cotton sundress, with knitted wool underwear. Miss Rosebud.… Continue reading Maia’s little Rosebud doll, 1950s
  • Karol O’Connor’s Action Man Figures
    Karol O’Connor “What you see here on display here at the Bank of Ireland in Dún Laoghaire for the Museum of Childhood Ireland are Action Man toys from my own childhood, toys that I received for birthdays and at Christmas-time back in the 1980s.  The toys were carefully put away in shoe boxes and stored in the loft of my family home for the… Continue reading Karol O’Connor’s Action Man Figures
  • Avril O’Reilly’s Barbies
    Avril O’Reilly. “I grew up in County Cork. I had Sindy dolls and Anna and Happytime dolls, with horses. In secondary school I kept my dolls secret as many people did. The Barbie movie brought many collectors out of the closet!  Many collectors collect the doll that they did not have as children. As a child I always has ONE Sindy at a time.… Continue reading Avril O’Reilly’s Barbies
  • Mimi’s Sindy dolls* and accessories
    Mimi grew up in Co Wicklow in the 1960s. She received a Sindy doll as a 7th birthday present from her parents. For the following few years on birthdays in September, at Christmas, on getting her BCG vaccinations*, and during a spell in the children’s hospital to have her tonsils removed, she received further Sindy items, which were her main imaginative play items in… Continue reading Mimi’s Sindy dolls* and accessories
  • Máire-Anne Doyle’s Shirley Temple doll and books
    Máire-Anne as young girl growing up in 1950s/60s Mount Merrion, Co Dublin, was gifted by family friend Roberta Post ( USA and Ireland) her original Shirley Temple doll and steamer trunk, purchased in New York City in 1936. Máire-Anne , born 1956 and her sister Susan played very carefully with this toy, enjoying years of play, as had Roberta had before them. 20″ (51… Continue reading Máire-Anne Doyle’s Shirley Temple doll and books
  • Aileen Sweeny’s ‘The Bubbauns’
    A National Treasure, Aileen Sweeny and Family. “These are the ‘Bubbauns’ made by my granny Hannah approximately 90 years ago. My granny was a dressmaker and the family lived over a shop in Ballina, Co Mayo. Much loved and played with by my father Bob and his brother Paddy. The 3rd doll, Jack, is in worse repair. Jack in real life was Bob and… Continue reading Aileen Sweeny’s ‘The Bubbauns’
  • Anne O’Leary’s Crolly Dolls
    The first Crolly dolls were handmade with a soft-filled body, a strong head and arms and legs. Their clothing was made from local fabrics and knitted garments. The doll on the left is one of the original dolls dating to 1939. Her head was probably imported from Canada. The later dolls were made from plastic as in the second figure. Both dolls are in… Continue reading Anne O’Leary’s Crolly Dolls
  • Gillian Cantwell’s Dolls
    GILLIAN CANTWELL, AGE 3 and 5, WITH CROLLY DOLL AND CHATTY CATHY DOLL Meet Gillian Mary Cantwell and her two favourite dolls from childhood. One photo with her Crolly doll when Gillian was three years old sitting outside her grandparents house and the other at five years of age, with her Chatty Cathy doll who talked by pulling a cord in her neck when… Continue reading Gillian Cantwell’s Dolls
  • Ellen Worrall’s holiday souvenir dolls
    The Ellen Worrall Collection: National costume / travel or souvenir dolls dressed in the traditional clothing of countries and regions around the world.  The majority of the dolls in the Ellen Worrall Doll Collection donated to the Museum of Childhood Ireland were produced in the 20th century. Many of the dolls are mass-produced, but others are cottage industry or artisan-made.  We are planning a… Continue reading Ellen Worrall’s holiday souvenir dolls
  • Izzy Jones-McAuley Collection
    Handmade doll clothing and two dolls.  “I have ended up in the possession of some antique dolls, with handmade outfits from the 1900s.  The dolls and handmade doll clothing, have been passed down to me from my aunt Eveleen, who received them from a friend of her aunt Ita, called Miss A. Prentis, (not sure about the spelling, but this is what I interpreted… Continue reading Izzy Jones-McAuley Collection
  • Maya Sunario’s Fashion Dolls
    Maya Sunario Collection. Born and raised in Indonesia, Maya Sunario’s love for dolls first began when she was given her first fashion doll, Sindy, a British fashion doll created by Pedigree Dolls & Toys in 1963. She then discovered Barbie dolls, made by its rival, Mattel Inc. In the 70s, playing with these dolls felt like a privilege as the import charges to Indonesia… Continue reading Maya Sunario’s Fashion Dolls
  • Patsy McGuinney’s doll wardrobe
    Homemade wooden wardrobe and hangers, and homemade doll clothes for her Crolly doll, made for seven year old Patsy Mc Guinney, from Seapoint, in Co Dublin by her mum and dad, as a Christmas gift in the 1970s.  The McAllister Collection, Museum of Childhood Ireland.