• Bloomsday 2024: Young Author Competition
    Welcome to our annual Bloomsday competition. Please read on to learn about what’s involved, what to write, and how to submit an entry. Whether the author is a primary school pupil or a second level student, these core rules apply: Author guidelines See below for slightly different guidelines for primary pupils (typically, aged 12 or… Continue reading Bloomsday 2024: Young Author Competition
  • Bloomsday2023
    Ulysses. James Joyce. 2023 Young Writers annual Competition from the Museum of Childhood Ireland and Marsh’s Library Dublin.  The Museum of Childhood Ireland and Marsh’s Library, Dublin are delighted to announce that our finalists in the Bloomsday Young Writers Competition 2023 are!… 🎉 Sinéad, age 18, Co Dublin Wai Man, age 16, Dublin Angel, age… Continue reading Bloomsday2023
  • Dante to Joyce
    To celebrate both Dante Day or Dantedi and Bloomsday we’ve developed a lovely Irish-Italian collaborative project on Dante Alighieri and James Joyce for children in both countries. The project is an initiative of the Museum of Childhood  Ireland and Tortorelle school, Agrigento.  Majella McAllister, and Sonia Sartor, in Ireland and Ausilia Venturella, in Italy, delivered… Continue reading Dante to Joyce
  • Bloomsday 2022 Centenary Writing Competition(BC)
    Winner and Runners-Up 1st Place: Angel, Age 15, St. Thomas Catholic College, Sri Lanka. 2nd Place: Alex, Age 13, Tipperary, Ireland. 3rd Place: Ruairí, Age15, Dublin, Ireland. Shortlisted Authors (Alphabetical Order) Arty, Age 12, St Columbas NS, Dublin, Ireland. Juliette, Age 9, Kildare, Ireland. Katie, Age 15, Edenderry, Ireland Mark, Age 15, Sri Lanka. Min… Continue reading Bloomsday 2022 Centenary Writing Competition(BC)
  • BC 1 A Stolen Voice
    By Angel Death wants you to be petrified but the frightfully alarming thing is silently hoping for death. This is the story of the girl that was. This is the story of how I put her to sleep for eternity. Today, my woods are sombre; the singing birds sing miserable melodies, the trees look gloomy,… Continue reading BC 1 A Stolen Voice
  • BC 2 Love Loves to Love Love
    By Alex Finally! I’d found the treasure I’d been searching for all day. As I opened the lid, the warm setting sun glinted upon the golden adornation of the chest…  Earlier:  At my feet were; blankets, a map (that my granny O’Brien had told me led to a treasure), and a picnic with enough sausage… Continue reading BC 2 Love Loves to Love Love
  • BC 3 Barleycove Beach
    By Ruairí I swung open the heavy red door before me and sighed, taking in the landscape, feeling something akin to relief. Relief perhaps, that the rolling green hills and rocky outcrops that defined West Cork had met my eyes, in place of the uniform pavements and towering structures of Dublin City. I had always… Continue reading BC 3 Barleycove Beach
  • BC On Time
    By Arty This is the boring story about how I got to go to school I know no one got to listen to this but also no one wanted to read James Joyce’s thing but look it now so here is a really boring story about how I got to school. It started off like… Continue reading BC On Time
  • BC A Day in Blooms Park!
    By Juliette On the 16th of June2022 which to be honest I thought was going to be a normal day turned into a real adventure!   At 10am in the morning when I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I opened the door but instead of seeing my bathroom I saw a big meadow… Continue reading BC A Day in Blooms Park!
  • BC Simple Pleasures
    By Katie I wake up mid-morning, as the gentle sun bounces through my window. I can hear the birds’ tweet as I drag myself out of bed. I walk down the hallway to the kitchen, where my family is seated around the table. Poached eggs with salt on top sit on slices of brown bread… Continue reading BC Simple Pleasures
  • BC The Happiest Day of My Life
    By Mark There is hardly any living being who has never gone through ups and downs in his life. Life is full of incidents both good and bad. Some of them may be forgotten with the passage of time whereas others leave an everlasting imprint on the mind. One feel delighted when fortune favors one… Continue reading BC The Happiest Day of My Life
  • BC A Morning in My Life – Min Min
    By Min Min My face lit up as dawn broke, the morning sun flooded through my window and covered my sheets in a warm yellow. My head was lying at the top of the bed frame, my hair lying above my head. Under, was a soft white carpet stuck underneath the bed. My eyes cracked… Continue reading BC A Morning in My Life – Min Min
  • BC A Day with Showers of Blessings
    By Pramuditha Each day of our lives is surely a package of surprises. Some days end with happy thoughts to cherish, and some with pain to go through and some days are a roller-coaster ride. Let me share such a day in my life. It was the 22nd of October 2016. It was the day… Continue reading BC A Day with Showers of Blessings
  • BC James Joyce
    By Salome I am woken up by the sound of my alarm, birds tweeting aggressively. I open my eyes and I realise that I accidentally left in my contacts from the day before. While attempting to remove them, I turn off the annoying alarm and put my old contact lenses in the bin. Standing up… Continue reading BC James Joyce
  • BC The Brown Loaf
    By Saoirse Presently, the mercy of my sisters was spent, and I was left to myself and to be sent port and starboard by my dear sainted mother, as was the custom whenever I was the only adolescent in the general vicinity. The first thing my mother said, and this is translated into my own… Continue reading BC The Brown Loaf
  • BC Worst Day Of My Life
    By Shauna The rain pounds loudly on the window panes as I make my friends tea. Big cups of tea with biscuits. I don’t get cross when Bluey my toy rabbit misbehaves and knocks over my cup. No, not today it’s too special for that. Nothing will cloud today. Finally mother is ready and standing… Continue reading BC Worst Day Of My Life
  • BC Bloomsday 2022
    By Sokeen The sound of cars slowly creeps into my dreams, light shines through the cracks in my painted wooden blinds. I slowly raised my head off the pillow that I had rested my head on overnight and that now had a sizeable dent where my head was and. I flung my blanket aside and… Continue reading BC Bloomsday 2022
  • BC A Day in The Life of Someone Gone Absolutely Off the Rails
    By Tamsin I check back in on Lee to see if he’s asleep yet. He’s curled up in his dark little room, on his chair, tapping something out on his phone. When he hears the door creak open, he flings it halfway across the room and picks up his pen. He’s still wearing his uniform,… Continue reading BC A Day in The Life of Someone Gone Absolutely Off the Rails
  • James Joyce 20-21 Writing Competition(JJ)
    JAMES JOYCE 21 EXHIBITION NOW ONLINE: COMPETITION OUTCOME After an incredibly difficult process, our international judging panel of Joyce experts have made their final decision: HONOURABLE MENTIONS From 6th Class St Columba’s NS, North Strand (in no particular order): Olivia, Joseph, Lina, Adam, Faolán, Arty, Louis, Isaac, James, and Zach. SHORTLISTED AUTHORS From 6th Class… Continue reading James Joyce 20-21 Writing Competition(JJ)
  • JJ 1 #Bloomsday21
    By Aedus It’s morning. My eyes and the lights are on in the car speed limit to Hell and the Devil Man United bottom of the Caribbean carry the 4 plus 6 is –             “Is everyone dressed?” Oh yeah forgot about that. Where I left my oh yes here it is put it on… Continue reading JJ 1 #Bloomsday21
  • JJ 2 The Result
    By Alex August 19th 2018 All Ireland Senior Hurling Final   Limerick scores! Canning shoots! Crowd gasps… The sliotar seems to hang in the air forever…    As the ball glides so slowly towards the goalposts in Croke Park my mind travels back to how we got here.   It started a few weeks before when the tickets for the All-Ireland Final… Continue reading JJ 2 The Result
  • JJ 3 One Day in My Life
    By Fionn I have not yet opened my eyes but already know the weather is good due to the morning chorus of the birds outside my window. I slowly peel myself from the bed and make my way downstairs. Mum is in the kitchen on a rant about farmers and the government as Killarney National… Continue reading JJ 3 One Day in My Life
  • JJ 4 A Day in My Life – Cody
    By Cody I woke up to my custom alarm that said, ‘’It’s time to wake up. Get up. Stop being lazy. I know you’re hungry for breakfast… WAKE UP. NOW. STOP BEING LAZY.’’ I groaned and got up the third time it repeated. I wanted to stay in bed for longer but knew I would… Continue reading JJ 4 A Day in My Life – Cody
  • JJ 4 Small Things, Big Differences
    By Tia Ann One Saturday morning, Mum was busy running around after my brother, so she sent Dad to do the shopping, me to help, with a very long List Of Things To Buy. Dad was grumpy, because the queue outside the shop was terribly long.  When we got inside, we went to pick up… Continue reading JJ 4 Small Things, Big Differences
  • JJ James Joyce 2021
    By Esme A normal day in my life. This morning I woke up extremely early at like 6 am. But I was really tired. When I woke up I felt really tired. Last night I had a terrible sleep because the night before I was up very late because. I had training quite late last… Continue reading JJ James Joyce 2021
  • JJ Friday
    By Finn Finn, my mum calls. It’s time to get up. Sighing I raise my head to look around my room. The light creeping in from under the blind. I get up and walk over to my cupboard I pull open the drawer. I pull it open and take out my new vans t-shirt its… Continue reading JJ Friday
  • JJ My Day-Ed
    By Ed I have just woken up, I turn my head towards my wall and try and go to go back to sleep it is 4am. I flip my pillow over to the other side and it is so cold that helps me go back to sleep. I put my head facing furthest away from… Continue reading JJ My Day-Ed
  • JJ My Detailed Day
    By Michael I start my day when my Alexa alarm sets off, one alarm for 6.50 and one for 6.55 am. My granny on my mom’s side had gotten it for me at Christmas and has been a big help as my watch alarm never woke me up. I get out of bed at about… Continue reading JJ My Detailed Day
  • JJ A Day in My Life – Filip
    By Filip I woke up one morning thinking in my head what do I have today. Then I remembered that it was a Thursday. Then I thought, Do I have anything fun going on today. So I went on thinking and I thought I go into school then I have English which luckily was creative… Continue reading JJ A Day in My Life – Filip
  • JJ A Day in My Life – Zoe
    By Zoe I awoke from my slumber at 3:15 am I awoke because I heard the swooshing of my LED lights falling they were wrapped around me, I stayed in bed for 30 min waiting to fall back into my sleep then I felt a jolt to get up and fix them I had already… Continue reading JJ A Day in My Life – Zoe
  • JJ A Day in My Life – Simona
    By Simona I wake up and see the bright light coming out the window, even when my eyes are closed. I try to fall asleep again, because my dream was too good to be true, shortly after my mom walks in and tells me to wake up, I sigh because I never fell asleep again,… Continue reading JJ A Day in My Life – Simona
  • JJ A Day in My Life – Senan
    By Senan I woke in the morning to the sound of pigeons cooing in the morning sun, I was still tired as I had GAA training the night before but I had to get up because if I didn’t I would be late for school. I pulled my cover of me and dragged myself out… Continue reading JJ A Day in My Life – Senan
  • JJ My Day-Suzana
    By Suzana I wake up at 7:00 in the morning I take of my white cover off me and then make my bed and as I walk out of my bedroom I close the door. I walk to the living room after closing the door to my bedroom and I open the door to the… Continue reading JJ My Day-Suzana
  • JJ A Day in My Life – Anya
    By Anya I woke up at 7:00 this morning. I whipped of my cow print covers, my dog Oreo was sleeping on the end of my bed. He was snoring away. He was sleeping on his back with his favourite cuddly toy tom. I was very excited for today, I was going to the stables… Continue reading JJ A Day in My Life – Anya
  • JJ My Day-Paddy
    By Paddy So when I wake up in the morning I usually wake up at about six fifty AM. I usually lounge around for about forty minutes in my big room in the attic and I only get up those forty minutes later because I keep the window open and I end up getting really… Continue reading JJ My Day-Paddy
  • JJ James Joyce Competition
    By Sofie I wake up at 7:00 in the morning I take of my white cover off me and then make my bed and as I walk out of my bedroom I close the door. I walk to the living room after closing the door to my bedroom and I open the door to the… Continue reading JJ James Joyce Competition
  • JJ Camping in New Zealand
    By Conor One year my cousin, my aunt, my brother and I went to New Zealand for holidays for 1 month, we were in Christchurch, that day we were going to get a campervan, we were renting a campervan from a company called britz, we were renting it for one week. The campervan we had… Continue reading JJ Camping in New Zealand
  • JJ The dihseifhseyf
    By James My name is James I am 12 years old and this is what happens in my life. I woke up from my sleep and just lay there thinking about going back to sleep for about a minute. I grabbed my switch that was on my bookcase beside me and played a bit of… Continue reading JJ The dihseifhseyf
  • JJ Striking for Climate Change
    By Hannah I pushed my way through the crowds, breathing in the crisp morning air. It was a sunny morning, perfect for protesting. When I got to my usual spot, I thrusted my sign high up in the air for everyone to see. A chant started up with the usual lyrics, addressing the fact that… Continue reading JJ Striking for Climate Change
  • JJ Checkmate
    By Naomi It was tense. Both sides were fighting with few soldiers and the plastic Ziplock bag sitting worryingly beside me was full to the brim with the fallen, those who were lost in the rage of war. The blinds blocked out the metro blue sky. The fireplace was on, flames dancing behind the glass.… Continue reading JJ Checkmate
  • JJ A Day in Dublin
    By Hannah My name is Elly and one day I was at home reading when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and there stood a small man. He stood up to my waist. He showed me over to his car as though it broke down and he needed help but… Continue reading JJ A Day in Dublin
  • JJ A Day in My Life – Olivia
    By Olivia Beep, beep, beep, I woke up startled. It had been months since I had woken up to that annoying noise which seemed to ring through my head like a siren. It took me a whole five minutes to realise where, who, what when, why, everything was happening. Once I finally managed to haul… Continue reading JJ A Day in My Life – Olivia
  • Bloomsday 2020 Teaching James Joyce in Secondary Classrooms
    Join us at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) on Bloomsday 2020 for the first event in our Let’s Talk About . . . seminar series: “Teaching Joyce in Secondary Classrooms: A Bloomsday Q&A Session with Dylan Emerick-Brown.” Dylan Emerick-Brown is the English Department Chair at Deltona High School in Florida, where he has taught Joyce’s literature… Continue reading Bloomsday 2020 Teaching James Joyce in Secondary Classrooms
  • Bloomsday 2019
    Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire. The Museum of Childhood Ireland’s Bloomsday Talk 2019.  ‘Joyce, Childhood and Dublin: ‘a new and complex sensation’ (P 66)’ with  Dr Anne Marie D’Arcy.  Date: June 15th.  Time:7-8.30pm.  Location: Dún Laoghaire suite at the Royal Marine Hotel. The event is moderated by Majella McAllister, Director, the Museum of Childhood Ireland.… Continue reading Bloomsday 2019
  • Bloomsday 2018
    Bloomsday 2018 See our display on James Joyce books for children at our office in Dún Laoghaire. Call by from 11am for readings for younger children, and a Bloomsday/Joyce writing/drawing station!* Drop by from 3pm to also hear readings from Ulysses by our volunteer team and project friends for older children, teenagers and adults. Remember… Continue reading Bloomsday 2018
  • Bloomsday 2017
    Joyce and music. Inter-generational, family friendly Bloomsday. Children are especially welcome! You are cordially invited to join Majella and the Museum of Childhood Ireland team for tea, cake and a chat from 11am on the morning of Friday 16th June. We have a gorgeous main display, and several mini displays, centred on the music which… Continue reading Bloomsday 2017