• Sean’s Acrobat
    This energetic little gymnast on a bar belonged to Sean Doyle, who was born in 1921 in West Clare. The toy dates from the 1930s and was made in Japan. Sean was the eldest of a large family who worked a small farm and were not well off, so toys like this were precious. Sean kept his Celluloid and Metal Acrobat Wind-up Toy –… Continue reading Sean’s Acrobat
  • Berney’s Music Box Theatre
    Vintage, handmade wood and Venetian paper musical theatre box in the Commedia dell’ Arte tradition, bought on the Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy, at Al Sogno* the old toyshop, in the early 1990s by Rose for her mother, Berney, who had fond memories of playing with a similar toy theatre in her childhood in Ireland the 1930s. Berney Doyle, née Connolly, was born in 1929,… Continue reading Berney’s Music Box Theatre
  • Rose Doyle’s toys & clothing
    Family Rose’s family lived on the Ennis Road in Limerick City from 1957 to 2023, in the same semi-detached house with gardens back and front. Rose was born in 1959 and she was a bit older than the next two siblings and more than a decade older than the youngest. She was careful with her special toys; she was allowed to play with some… Continue reading Rose Doyle’s toys & clothing
  • Triang pushchair
    Triang toy pushchair manufactured in Belfast and played with by Máire-Ann Doyle, Mt Merrion, Dublin in the 1960s. Even with years of play the original label is still attached.  Lines Brothers, PedigreeWorks, Castlereagh  Watch beautiful Triang footage here, directed by Gael Linn 1963: Toys, Buy Now for Christmas – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 201 Find more information on Triang here: Brighton Toy and Model… Continue reading Triang pushchair
  • Carole Cullen & Muffin the Mule
    “Muffin the Mule is a marionette beloved in my childhood. I grew up in rural North Cornwall in a old house which creaked with age and charm. My family consisted of my father who worked in adult education, my mother who taught elocution and piano, my granny who cooked and loved us, and my sister Janet who was four years older than I. She… Continue reading Carole Cullen & Muffin the Mule
  • Peter Craven’s Bayko & Meccano
    Peter in 1963, aged 9 I was born in England in 1953. Both my parents were from County Cork but had emigrated to Sidcup in the south of England after the war. My dad was a GP and my mother acted as his secretary answering the phone and arranging appointments. So both of my parents were pretty busy and I spent a fair amount… Continue reading Peter Craven’s Bayko & Meccano
  • John & Michael Kelly’s Toy Fort 1960s
    The Fort ( and toy soldiers) was handmade by Tom Kelly, Glasnevin, Co Dublin in the early 1960s for his sons John and Michael Kelly, and played with until the 1990s by their nephew Mark O’Connor pictured below. Tom Kelly, the fort maker, with his daughter Lorraine The fort all set up for play at Tom’s house The instruction booklet is dated 1958
  • Star Wars Collection
    Jonathan Kelly. From January 2023, Star Wars on display at Bloomfields Shopping Centre, Dúnlaoghaire, Co Dublin.  “I first saw the Star Wars film ‘A new Hope” on TV at home in Drimnagh in 1982. I thought it was like nothing I had ever seen before.  In or around September 1981 or 1982, I was on my way to school* early one morning, and noticed… Continue reading Star Wars Collection
  • Toy Circus, ‘Overland’
    Pull-toy with draft horses hitched to caged wagon holding a tiger. Driver sitting on rooftop bench. ‘OVERLAND CIRCUS’ embossed on each side of the wagon. 14″ long, 7.25″ H., 3.75″ W. Maker: Kenton Hardware Company, Kenton.Ohio. Kenton first used the Overland Circus for a series of automotive toys from the mid 1920’s, offering its first horse drawn vehicles in the 40’s, when the company… Continue reading Toy Circus, ‘Overland’
  • Action Force Collection
    Karol O’Connor. From late December 2022 see Action Force pop-up exhibitions at Bloomfields Shopping Centre and Bank of Ireland, Dúnlaoghaire.  “I have a childhood collection of toys made by the British company Palitoy. Action Man was made by the same company but they decided to shrink Action Man down from 12″ scale to the new industry standard scale of 3.75″ at the time in… Continue reading Action Force Collection
  • View Master
    View-Master, Museum of Childhood Ireland, collections. VIEW-MASTER’S 80th birthday! 1939-2019 View-Master is the trademark name of a line of special-format stero scopes and corresponding View-Master “reels”, thin cardboard disks containing seven stereoscopic 3D pairs of small transparent colour photographs on film. View-Master was manufactured and sold by Sawyer’s. The system was introduced in 1939, four years after the advent of Kodacrome colour film made… Continue reading View Master
  • Patsy McGuinney’s doll wardrobe
    Homemade wooden wardrobe and hangers, and homemade doll clothes for her Crolly doll, made for seven year old Patsy Mc Guinney, from Seapoint, in Co Dublin by her mum and dad, as a Christmas gift in the 1970s.  The McAllister Collection, Museum of Childhood Ireland.