Technology and Exhibition Design

Original design 1 for the MoCI. MMcA.

 A museum display cabinet with a secret door for children. Solve a puzzle to enter. ‘Cause and effect’ to light up specific areas. Inside play area, and views of exhibits from different perspectives. Drawers open for handling items, ‘tactile’ panels etc. Information is layered for an all-age appropriate interest.

The Museum and exhibitions have a distinctive and consistent house-style. Exhibition themes, design, communication and associated activities are based on ever-evolving displays of artefacts and collections to ensure variety and interest for all visitors, rather than a static archive. The exhibition design and visual communications strategy accommodates the wide range of museum of childhood themes and displays of artefacts . Alongside tried and tested museum interactivity, such as handling collections, and varied art forms to explore displays and exhibitions, the Museum actively embraces and implements new media technologies.

An upgraded Website and an App will be used to:

  • Promote the Museum and outline its purpose and aspirations
  • Give an account of the contents and activities in the Museum (this would serve as an introduction to the Museum before a visit to the physical location, act as a guide during a visit, and be a reference point after a visit)
  • Show a calendar of events
  • Provide logistical information and useful links
  • Tie in with off-site activities and events organised by the museum or in conjunction with other groups

Accessible on visitors’ personal devices or through Museum hardware, the app and website will be an intrinsic part of the exhibition. In addition to giving information on the exhibits, a digital interface lends itself to a multitude of educational and interactive possibilities. A strong online application would tie into social media sites and other valuable online promotional platforms. It is important that our extensive collection of artefacts of material childhood culture is accessible for research, education and interest.

The use of Virtual, Immersive and haptic Reality, 3D Printing and Music Technology will enhance the visitors experience at the museum. Children will enjoy engineering and coding as part of the Education available at the museum. Exhibitions and artefacts on the Museum’s site can be “liked” or “pinned” on visitors’ own personal pages. 2023 will see the creation of our new website and collections archive!

Children curate their own exhibitions, and play with, and on it! 

Original cabinet design 2 for the MoCI. MMcA.