• Dreaming
    Art work. Dreaming. Mono print, by artist Adelle Hickey. * This black on ivory mono print of a little dress looks at the experience and journey of loss and grief. My father passed away when I was two years old. While I have no memories of him, his death cast a shadow of sadness, grief and poverty over my family. Emotional, mental and financial struggle were never too far from our door. The dress is not fully present and appears somewhat in a state of repair. Its stillness and silence creates a sense of vulnerability. The imprint of the… Continue reading Dreaming
  • We Are So Lightly Here
    Sculpture. We are so Lightly Here (2018) Aiseirí, by artist Bonnie Kavanagh* We are so Lightly here is a sculptural piece derived from Aiséirí,  Bonnie’s work referencing the Tuam Babies.  It is of hearts fused together on a stoneware plinth, honouring all the children who died and were interred in Mother and Baby homes in Ireland. The child and baby sized hearts are made from snow white bone china. Bonnie Kavanagh is a Dublin based visual artist with a BA in Fine Art from NCAD. She specialises in Ceramics. Bonnie has exhibited in numerous curated group shows including the… Continue reading We Are So Lightly Here