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As a museum volunteer, you will not only gain valuable training, but be part of a global network where you will meet and work with other volunteers, museum staff, educators, professionals and scholars.

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Wherever you are in the world do please get in touch with us:

Our wonderful Intern colleague in 2020, Hilary Hei Wei Kwan had this to say about her experience:

Internship Experience

Hilary Kwan, a recent Bachelor of Arts (History & Anthropology) graduate from the University of Melbourne, Australia, completed an internship placement at the Museum of Childhood Ireland

Reflection from her Internship experience

I applied for the internship program because as a recent history and anthropology graduate with interests in museum work, I hoped to gain more practical skills within the sector. My dream job is definitely in a space similar to the Museum of Childhood Ireland. I have always hoped to work in a museum with a focus on social history. This internship placement was the perfect opportunity for me to experience different aspects of and management duties in the museum before committing myself to my post-graduate museum course. It was also my pleasure to work here as the childhood experience throughout history and i contemporary times is a topic that is also very close to my heart.

What are the main projects you worked on?

My main projects were analysing the museum’s social media channels and improving strategic marketing plans for the museum. Another main project for me was to re-organise the museum fundraising strategic plan and to research for future fundraising ideas. I also got to work on managing and editing the website content and layout, attending meetings and working on events and remotely on research projects.

How did you find working remotely on the projects?

Working remotely sounds complicated, but I was able to maintain good communication with my supervisor, who was always very supportive and helpful. A pro for working remotely is the flexibility in time when working on independent tasks. I had adequate time to complete research and writing tasks at my own pace.

Do you receive adequate mentoring?

Throughout the internship, I received ongoing guidance and support from my supervisor Majella (Museum Founder & Chairperson). Through our daily check-ins and weekly meetings, we would go through what I had completed and discuss new tasks over the next days or week. I received ongoing feedback and positive support from my supervisor. It was very rewarding for me to see my work improving. I maintained a very good relationship with my supervisor, and I felt very welcomed and supported during our time working together.

Overall, the internship experience was very enriching for me, and the biggest takeaways from the experience was a practical understanding of the various tasks within the museum. I look forward to taking the skills I gained and applying it to my future work in museums. Also, coming from an international background, it was fascinating for me to learn so much more about Irish childhoods-past to present, the culture of work in Ireland, and to be so welcomed in contributing my culture to the museum.

It was a pleasure to work with the Museum of Childhood Ireland to help with education, history and advocating for children’s voices in Ireland and around the globe. I highly recommend any students in a related field of study to participate!

Overall, a very, very great experience!

Hilary Hei Wai Kwan

Master of Cultural Materials Conservation