Our Governance:

The Museum of Childhood Ireland is a Company Limited by Guarantee and a registered charity. The Museum of Childhood Ireland is a volunteer led organisation and endeavours to comply with and live the values of the Charities Governance Code. Examples of the actions and activities of the Museum of Childhood Ireland to meet the standards of the Charities Governance Code are included below

Principle 1 Advancing Charitable Purpose

Actions taken by the Museum under Principle 1

  • Fundraising is a central focus of the Museum Board
  • Ongoing development of Strategic Plan and the formation of a Strategy Working Group

Principle 2 Behaving with Integrity

Actions taken by the Museum under Principle 2

  • Conflicts of interest is a standing agenda item at all meetings of the Board
  • Values are considered as part of the Board Terms of Reference and Standing Orders
  • Code of Conduct in place for Board members

Principle 3 Leading People

Actions taken by the Museum under Principle 3

  • Policies developed in relation to volunteer management
  • Policies in place that govern Data Protection and Child Safeguarding

Principle 4 Exercising Control

Actions taken by the Museum under Principle 4

  • Finance is a standing agenda item at every Board meeting
  • The identification of, discussion on and management of specific risks
  • The circulation of guidance from the Charities Regulator on Fundraising

Principle 5 Working Effectively

Actions taken by the Museum under Principle 5

  • Board recruitment and composition is informed by skills, diversity and experience requirements
  • Board effectiveness reviews are conducted
  • A regular schedule of Board meetings
  • Term limits for Board members

Principle 6 Being Accountable

Actions taken by the Museum under Principle 6

  • Registered Charity Number displayed on website and social media channels
  • Mechanisms in place for members of the public to engage with the Museum
  • AGM held annually
  • Identification of and engagement with key stakeholders

Policies and Procedures

Company Constitution

Child Safeguarding Statement

Board Terms of Reference

Board Standing Orders

Data Protection Policy

The Museum of Childhood Ireland is a member of the following organisations:

Irish Museums Association
Association of Independent Museums
Charities Institute Ireland
Children’s Rights Alliance

The museum is the proud recipient of the following Awards to date:

  • Kids in Museums, International Award 2020
  • INACS, International Awards 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • The Heritage CouncilCounty Winner: Dúnlaoghaire / South Dublin 2021
  • The Heritage CouncilCounty Winner: Tipperary, 2022 ( In collaboration with Tipperary Revitalisation)
  • Digital Town Awards Newcomer Finalist, for Engage Kilkenny 2023:
  • National Lottery Good Cause Award finalist 2023 for our collaborative project with Tipperary Revitalisation

The Museum of Childhood Ireland is committed to Empowering Children and Young People

Children should be Seen and Heard

Exploring and learning from the past, our commitment to supporting children and young people now, comes at a time when children and youth are facing significant challenges. By empowering children and youth, providing a focused, sustainable, supportive, inclusive community and platform, and islandwide programmes helping foster friendships in communities, we are helping build a brighter, better future for all.