Doll Houses

  • Joanne Sloan’s Doll House 1980s
    “This dolls house was hand made for my daughter Joanne by my brother Maurice Sloan in 1984. It is a copy of one my Grandad William made for me in 1951. He also made four or five others for my cousins. Some of the contents are from the original house. I hope people will enjoy seeing it when museum opens. My Grandad lived in… Continue reading Joanne Sloan’s Doll House 1980s
  • Rachel Abraham’s Doll House 1970s
    My name is Rachel and I was born almost 50 years ago, in 1971. At some point in my childhood, I received the gift of my dolls house; I believe it was a birthday present, and I LOVED it! There was no such thing as a doll/house lifestyle experience (that I knew anyway), so there was all types of furniture and dolls all in there together.… Continue reading Rachel Abraham’s Doll House 1970s
  • Lorraine O’Connor’s Doll House 1960s
    “Typical of Irish 60’s built houses. After 43 years I’m looking forward to handing a piece of my own childhood history over into the safe hands of the Museum of Childhood Ireland.  An amazing dolls house complete with individual pieces of wooden furniture, handmade by my dad, Tom and decorated in detail by my mother, Irene. “ Bungalow Bliss, Jack Fitzsimons.,ss:44&sxsrf=AOaemvIVUHC4yCp09U6C-yKk3U54viH4Yg:1638232498669&prds=num:1,of:1,eto:4540413222634071672_0,prmr:1,cs:1… Continue reading Lorraine O’Connor’s Doll House 1960s
  • Noreen Olwill’s Doll House, 1950s
    My Doll’s House started  life in Mallow, Co. Cork where it was made by my father in 1958. In the early sixties my family and I moved to Stillorgan, Co. Dublin and my Doll’s House came with us.  My two younger sisters enjoyed playing with it. They loved decorating the rooms with scraps of wallpaper. Santa brought miniature furniture.  My Doll’s House remained in… Continue reading Noreen Olwill’s Doll House, 1950s
  • Judy McDonnell Durnin’s Doll House 1950s
    As a four year old in the 1950’s I requested a dolls house for Christmas. My parents acquired a second hand bungalow dolls house from friends of theirs and bought new furniture for it. However two weeks before Christmas I announced that my new house would have stairs and bedrooms just like my own house. My father spent his evenings in his garage making… Continue reading Judy McDonnell Durnin’s Doll House 1950s
  • Mary’s Doll House 1930s
    Mary’s 1930s Triang doll house, Dúnlaoghaire, Co Dublin. Lines Bros Lines Bros Ltd was a British toy manufacturer of the 20th century, operating under the Tri-ang Toys brand name. Lines Bros Ltd, at its peak in 1947, was claimed by the company to be the largest toy maker in the world.[1] Under the Tri-ang Toys brand name, Lines Bros Ltd also made children’s bicycles,… Continue reading Mary’s Doll House 1930s
  • Rachel Dawnay’s Doll House 1920s
    Whitfield Court, Waterford. This doll’s house has an interesting provenance. According to Dr Rachel Finnegan, ”I recently learned from Mrs Dawnay, who sold Whitfield Court and its contents in 2005, that it had belonged to her late sister-in-law, Rachel Dawnay (sister of the later Major Dawnay). This would date it to the late 1920s. It’s wonderful because of its provenance, and because it is… Continue reading Rachel Dawnay’s Doll House 1920s
  • Rachel’s German Doll Kitchen 1900s
    Rachel Finnegan’s ( Co Kilkenny) German / Nuremberg Doll Kitchen.  This was originally made in Germany C.1900, and then brought to Ireland. It arrived complete with all the furnishings. Nuremberg kitchens Nuremberg kitchen is the traditional English name for a specific type of dolls house, quite similar to a room box, usually limited to a single room depicting a kitchen. The name references the… Continue reading Rachel’s German Doll Kitchen 1900s
  • ‘Fintona’ Doll House 1840s
    The doll house was placed in storage in Belfast in the 1930s by a family from Fintona, County Tyrone, before being sold by Christie’s, London, in October 2004, and again at C & T Auctions, Kent in 2022, where it was purchased by Mr David Boles who kindly donated it to the Museum of Childhood Ireland. An early painted wooden Irish three storey Dolls… Continue reading ‘Fintona’ Doll House 1840s