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  • The Turfcutter’s Donkey & Ryans Fort
    Books by Patricia Lynch. Patricia Lynch, children’s writer and journalist, was born in Cork c. 1884. She is best known for ‘The Turf-Cutter’s Donkey, first published in 1934, and illustrated by Jack Butler Yeats. Her semi-autobiographical A Story-Teller’s Childhood was published in 1974. She died at Monkstown, Co Dublin in 1972. Ryan’s Fort, 1961, illustrated… Continue reading The Turfcutter’s Donkey & Ryans Fort
  • Cornelius in Charge
    Book, by Mary Flynn. Cornelius the rabbit lives in Tang, located near Ballymahon, Co Longford, where author Mary Flynn was born. Hardback. Published by The Talbot Press Limited, 89 Talbot Street, Dublin in 1946 Illustrated by artist Eileen Coughlan (1909 – 1990) from Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath. Eileen studied at the Metropolitan School of Art. Her… Continue reading Cornelius in Charge
  • The Wind Fairies
    Book by Elizabeth Brennan A charming, whimsical story about the alignment of the North, South and West Winds in the face of the evil East Winds. Featuring poems and stories about fairies and leprechauns ,delightfully illustrated by Irish artist Naomi Heather. 8 colour illustrations, and 52 line drawings.  Hardback, Metropolitan Publishing Ltd, Dublin and London… Continue reading The Wind Fairies
  • Dreaming
    Art work. Dreaming. Mono print, by artist Adelle Hickey. * This black on ivory mono print of a little dress looks at the experience and journey of loss and grief. My father passed away when I was two years old. While I have no memories of him, his death cast a shadow of sadness, grief… Continue reading Dreaming
  • We Are So Lightly Here
    Sculpture. We are so Lightly Here (2018) Aiseirí, by artist Bonnie Kavanagh* We are so Lightly here is a sculptural piece derived from Aiséirí,  Bonnie’s work referencing the Tuam Babies.  It is of hearts fused together on a stoneware plinth, honouring all the children who died and were interred in Mother and Baby homes in… Continue reading We Are So Lightly Here
  • The Book of Saint Ultan
    ‘The Book of Saint Ultan’, is a collection of pictures and poems by Irish artists and writers. One of the first books printed by Colm O’Lochlainn, The Candle Press, Dublin, 1920. Katherine MacCormack (Editor) Eight tipped-in plates, with several pen and ink drawings by Jack B. Yeats, A.E., Grace Henry, Paul Henry, E.F. Solomons, Mary Duncan,… Continue reading The Book of Saint Ultan
  • A Child’s History of Ireland
    Book by Patrick Weston Joyce Patrick Weston Joyce, a noted Irish cultural historian, is the author of a Child’s History of Ireland. Written especially for children, it covers Irish history up until the mid-nineteen century. It has been carefully preserved and handed down. The inscription inside the back cover, is to the original owner of… Continue reading A Child’s History of Ireland
  • Star Wars Collection
    Jonathan Kelly. From January 2023, Star Wars on display at Bloomfields Shopping Centre, Dúnlaoghaire, Co Dublin.  “I first saw the Star Wars film ‘A new Hope” on TV at home in Drimnagh in 1982. I thought it was like nothing I had ever seen before.  In or around September 1981 or 1982, I was on… Continue reading Star Wars Collection
  • Action Force Collection
    Karol O’Connor. From late December 2022 see Action Force pop-up exhibitions at Bloomfields Shopping Centre and Bank of Ireland, Dúnlaoghaire.  “I have a childhood collection of toys made by the British company Palitoy. Action Man was made by the same company but they decided to shrink Action Man down from 12″ scale to the new… Continue reading Action Force Collection
  • Sewing & Knitting Patterns
    The Simplicity Pattern Company were manufacturers of sewing pattern guides, under the “Simplicity Pattern”, “It’s So Easy” and “New Look” brands. The company was founded in New York in 1927 during the Great Depression. Simplicity allowed home seamstresses to create fashionable clothing in a reliable manner and at low cost. The patterns were manufactured in… Continue reading Sewing & Knitting Patterns
  • Ellen Worrall’s holiday souvenir dolls
    The Collection: National costume / travel or souvenir dolls dressed in the traditional clothing of countries and regions around the world.  The majority of the Ellen Worrall doll collection donated to the Museum of Childhood Ireland were produced in the 20th century. Many of the dolls are mass-produced, but others are cottage industry or artisan-made. … Continue reading Ellen Worrall’s holiday souvenir dolls
  • The Charlotte Raftery Collection.
    The Charlotte Raftery Collection, donated to the Museum of Childhood, Ireland, in March 2020, comprises items of children’s clothing, doll house furniture, miniatures, and childhood ephemera. Research on Charlotte and on her collection is ongoing, with public displays of items from the collection throughout 2022 planned. For a history of childhood clothing in Ireland please… Continue reading The Charlotte Raftery Collection.
  • Izzy Jones-McAuley Collection
    Handmade doll clothing and two dolls.  “I have ended up in the possession of some antique dolls, with handmade outfits from the 1900s.  The dolls and handmade doll clothing, have been passed down to me from my aunt Eveleen, who received them from a friend of her aunt Ita, called Miss A. Prentis, (not sure… Continue reading Izzy Jones-McAuley Collection
  • Rachel Abraham’s Doll House 1970s
    My name is Rachel and I was born almost 50 years ago, in 1971. At some point in my childhood, I received the gift of my dolls house; I believe it was a birthday present, and I LOVED it! There was no such thing as a doll/house lifestyle experience (that I knew anyway), so there was all… Continue reading Rachel Abraham’s Doll House 1970s
  • Judy McDonnell Durnin’s Doll House 1950s
    As a four year old in the 1950’s I requested a dolls house for Christmas. My parents acquired a second hand bungalow dolls house from friends of theirs and bought new furniture for it. However two weeks before Christmas I announced that my new house would have stairs and bedrooms just like my own house.… Continue reading Judy McDonnell Durnin’s Doll House 1950s
  • Fashion Dolls
    Maya Sunario Collection. Born and raised in Indonesia, Maya Sunario’s love for dolls first began when she was given her first fashion doll, Sindy, a British fashion doll created by Pedigree Dolls & Toys in 1963. She then discovered Barbie dolls, made by its rival, Mattel Inc. In the 70s, playing with these dolls felt… Continue reading Fashion Dolls
  • Rachel Finnegan’s Doll Kitchen 1900s
    Rachel Finnegan’s ( Co Kilkenny) German / Nuremberg Doll Kitchen.  This was originally made in Germany C.1900, and then brought to Ireland. It arrived complete with all the furnishings. Nuremberg kitchens Nuremberg kitchen is the traditional English name for a specific type of dollhouse, similar to a room box, usually limited to a single room… Continue reading Rachel Finnegan’s Doll Kitchen 1900s
  • The Clifford Cradle
    Victorian mahogany and cane rocking cradle.  Victorian mahogany and cane/ rattan rocking cradle, bought for the birth of James McAllister Clifford C.1898, of 2 Rus in Urbe, Dún Laoghaire. It has been carefully preserved and passed down through generations of the family and presented to the MCI Project in July 2019.
  • The Reddin Family’s Suncar.
    The Suncar. “This pushchair/ buggy/ arrived to number 20 Fitzgibbon St. Dublin 1 in 1918 for the birth of Mary Theresa Reddin. Sadly Mary Theresa died just two years later. In 1922 Joseph Patrick was born. He would be the Reddin’s only child . The pushchair, known in the family as ‘the Suncar’ was for… Continue reading The Reddin Family’s Suncar.
  • Dr Damien O’Muirí’s Enid Blyton books
    The Dr Damien O’ Muirí Collection of Enid Blyton books. Dr Damien Murray (Later Damien O Muirí ). Damien was born in Walkinstown, in a new housing estate built for civil servants.  His father was a shoemaker, with a shop on Essex Street ( now Temple Bar) and his mother a civil servant, who had… Continue reading Dr Damien O’Muirí’s Enid Blyton books
  • Rachel Dawnay’s Doll House 1930s
    Whitfield Court, Waterford. This doll’s house has an interesting provenance. According to Dr Rachel Finnegan,”I recently learned from Mrs Dawnay, who sold Whitfield Court and its contents in 2005, that it had belonged to her late sister-in-law, Rachel Dawnay (sister of the later Major Dawnay). This would date it to around the 1930. It’s wonderful… Continue reading Rachel Dawnay’s Doll House 1930s
  • Lorraine O’Connor’s Doll House 1960s
    “Typical of Irish 60’s built houses. After 43 years I’m looking forward to handing a piece of my own childhood history over into the safe hands of the Museum of Childhood Ireland.  An amazing dolls house complete with individual pieces of wooden furniture, handmade by my dad, Tom and decorated in detail by my mother,… Continue reading Lorraine O’Connor’s Doll House 1960s
  • Guilfoyle Family : Moses Basket
    This Moses basket was purchased in 1956 from the Richmond National Institution for the Industrious Blind, in O’Connell Street.  The basket was bought by May and Brendan Guilfoyle for the birth of their first child.  May and Brendan married in October 1955.  They lived in Dun Laoghaire,  first in a flat in Tivoli Terrace East, … Continue reading Guilfoyle Family : Moses Basket
  • Crolly Dolls
    My Crolly Doll Story, Anne O’Leary. MY CROLLY DOLL STORY  “Crolly Dolls of my Childhood. As a child I had three Crolly dolls. The first one was bought for me by my mother for my fourth birthday. I had no idea until recently that she was actually a Crolly doll, because she has no maker’s… Continue reading Crolly Dolls
  • The Bubbauns
    A National Treasure, Aileen Sweeny and Family. “These are the ‘Bubbauns’ made by my granny Hannah approximately 90 years ago. My granny was a dressmaker and the family lived over a shop in Ballina, Co Mayo. Much loved and played with by my father Bob and his brother Paddy. The 3rd doll, Jack, is in… Continue reading The Bubbauns
  • Linda (Betty) Egan
    Betty (Linda) Eagan, Blackrock and Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland. Exhibited at Bank of Ireland, Dún Laoghaire September/October 2020. Bank opening hours 10am-5pm, Monday to Saturday. Linda Egan, known to everyone as Betty, of 8 Summerhill Rd., Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland.…5.63258j0j7&hl=en-GB&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8# Born 28th September 1911. ( Home birth) Brentford, Middlesex Died 14th June… Continue reading Linda (Betty) Egan
  • The Shirley Lewis Scrapbook 1917
    The Shirley Lewis Scrapbook was brought to our attention by the National Library of Ireland, and subsequently donated to the Museum of Childhood Ireland Collection by Brenda Alexander. The scrapbook offers a child’s perspective on Irish history. Shirley, born in 1908 was a young Dublin boy aged 9 years old, when he was gifted on… Continue reading The Shirley Lewis Scrapbook 1917
  • Nancy Drew at 90
    UPDATE MAY 10TH 2022. EXHIBITION NOW ON AT BANK OF IRELAND, DÚNLAOGHAIRE. Our Nancy Drew at 90 Exhibition was scheduled for our small pop-up space in Dún Laoghaire, courtesy of Bank of Ireland, from today, World Book and Copyright Day, 23rd April 2020. However with Covid-19 restrictions in place we’re launching online instead. #worldbookday2020 #worldbookandcopyrightday… Continue reading Nancy Drew at 90