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During the month of May, an exciting celebration of literature is happening in Merrion Square, which showcases the works of authors from all over the world. This will be the festival’s twenty-seventh year and the biggest to date, with over 230 events revolving around various literary subjects.

The most exciting news, in our opinion, is the amount of programmes that centre around children’s literature. A multitude of well-known and bestselling children’s authors will be in attendance, such as Ireland’s own Aoife Dooley, Shane Hegarty, and Catherine Doyle and Catherine Webber. In our excitement for Dublin’s International Literature Festival and the plethora of fantastic children’s literature authors, an exploration of the authors themselves and their works is necessary!

Aoife Dooley

One of the biggest Irish names in children’s literature right now is Aoife Dooley. Dooley is both author and illustrator of her middle-grade graphic novel Frankie’s World, which explores topics of neurodivergence, friendships, and self confidence.

Dooley, much like the protagonist in her book Frankie’s World, was diagnosed with autism and struggled when she was younger in school with making friends and navigating social settings. She wrote the character of Frankie to reflect her own experiences in her childhood years and perhaps parallel the experiences of children who are currently struggling with navigating their neurodivergence. The graphic novel is illustrated in two different colours of blue and orange and provides for a quick and entertaining read for children and their family!

Shane Hagerty

Another children’s author to watch out for at the festival is Shane Hegarty. His book Darkmouth is the first of a four-part series that has seen critical acclaim. The series features a boy named Finn who is thrust into various situations where he and his friend Emmie must fight creatures of myth to survive. Hegarty’s book speaks about courage in the face of danger and displays a multitude of adventures for children to immerse themselves in. He will be at the International Literature Festival to speak about the Darkmouth series and other books he has published previously.

Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber

For fans of Young Adult literature, Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber will be the authors to search for at the literature festival. These two sisters-in-law co-authored a fantasy series titled Twin Crowns, which tells the magical story of two twin sisters separated at birth. The two girls find each other and must work together to avenge their parent’s murder. This is a high-intensity-filled series that young adult readers around the world thoroughly enjoy! Doyle and Webber will be at the festival, speaking about collaborative writing and the creation of their best-selling fantasy series.

Why should you go?

The International Literature Festival in Dublin is a wonderful event that caters to every reader! There will be many events and programmes involving both readers and authors of books written and read around the world. For the family, specifically child readers, this festival could be a new experience that allows for a deeper dive into the world of literature. We hope you can all make it, and we will see you there!

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