Who We Are

The Museum Board

The Museum Board and Steering Group have been working for almost 3 years on this initiative to establish a Museum of Childhood in Dún Laoghaire. The Steering Group was set up in 2014 from a broad spectrum of expertise to support the establishment of the Museum. It comprises members from diverse fields including education, business, architecture, exhibition and installation design, and visual communications. The Steering Group continue to receive advice in museum conservation and curatorship by experts in their fields, including personnel from the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, London, and Edinburgh Museum of Childhood. Early in the process a number of initiatives were carried out to gauge interest in such a museum. 10,000 signatures were collected in support of a Museum (at the Carnegie building) and very high levels of positive reactions recorded from initial local businesses and schools’ surveys. A commercial venture called “Eduventure” was established in Dún Laoghaire (94 George’s St. Lower) to provide early seed funding for the development of the Museum, and to facilitate social inclusion by providing funds for free programming. In May 2016, the Museum was formally registered as a company (limited by guarantee) which will seek to obtain charitable status in due course. A Board for the Museum has been established and membership confirmed. In addition, a specialist Funding Sub-Committee has been put in place.