Some Background

The Museum of Childhood Ireland project (MCI P) is an initiative designed to deliver a world-class facility exploring and engaging the themes of childhood in Ireland and internationally.  The Museum will have as its principal objective the collecting, curating and exhibiting of historical artefacts.  Our primary aim is to create meaningful and lasting experiences for both children and adults to share.

Internationally, the concept of a Museum of Childhood is not new; excellent examples exist across America, Asia and Europe. A Museum of Childhood enables everyone to explore, play, learn from, and enjoy both man-made and natural aspects of the world.  We aim to display an extensive collection of Irish cultural/historical artefacts, including toys, childhood equipment and costumes.  We hope to gather the stories and experiences of children from their own, and other eras and environments.  Permanent artefacts and displays will be supported by a programme of temporary exhibitions linked to events and interactive learning opportunities.  We hope that both children and adults will engage with these, and make full use of the museum as an informal resource which inspires a journey of shared play and lifelong learning together.

Specifically, the Museum will:

  • Tell the story of the day-to-day lives of children growing up in Ireland through artefacts related to childhood both in Ireland and the wider world
  • Stimulate and nourish the imagination of both children and adults
    by appealing to their sense of inquisitiveness
  • Foster innovation and creativity for all
  • Provide family learning experiences through interactive and interdisciplinary engagement
  • Offer research opportunities and an extensive outreach programme
  • Contribute to the local, regional, and national, cultural and tourism economy in a significant and distinctive way