BC A Day with Showers of Blessings

By Pramuditha

Each day of our lives is surely a package of surprises. Some days end with happy thoughts to cherish, and some with pain to go through and some days are a roller-coaster ride. Let me share such a day in my life.

It was the 22nd of October 2016. It was the day on which I received my first Holy Communion.  This day is one of those long-awaited days in every Catholic child’s life. The next day would be the day I was to receive Jesus in the form of the Holy Host, so the day before we were so excited and hastily preparing for the next day. My mother and I, went to the supermarket to purchase a basket of fruits to offer at the holy mass. After purchasing it, we started our journey back home. It was then the terrible incident happened.  The Scooter we were travelling on slipped and hit the wall nearby. Both my mom and I were badly injured. Fortunately, there were people around and we were rushed to the hospital. The x-ray revealed that My mom had fractured her knee and I only had some bruises. We were so worried that we would miss my first Holy Communion mass. However, with the doctor’s advice, my mom came home and continued to make arrangements tolerating her pain.

Finally, the day arrived. I dressed as an angel and went to the church; The mass began around 10.15 a.m., and His Eminence Rev. Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith celebrated the mass. We renewed our baptismal promises before we receive the Holy Communion.  Finally, the time arrived to receive the Holy Communion. I received the Holy Communion with much reverence. After the mass, my mother and I went to a studio and took photographs. We returned home, had lunch, and took a nap.

 After some time, I was woken up by my uncle and my mother was nowhere to be found. My uncle told me that she was taken to the hospital again and took me to the hospital. I was so worried and my eyes filled with tears. We were getting closer to the destination but there was no sign of a hospital. It was then I realized that my mom had secretly arranged a surprise dinner to celebrate the day. I was taken to the hotel where I met all my relatives, friends, and neighbors waiting for me. I ran and hugged my mom. I couldn’t thank her enough for her love for me. I couldn’t stop crying. She consoled me while handing over my dress for the party.  The party went on well. I enjoyed every bit of it. As the day grew to a close, I went to bed with a grateful heart. I thanked Jesus for blessing me with a lovely mother and thanked him for his blessings throughout the day.

I recall this day very often and I will ever cherish those lovely memories for my life.

What appears to be the tale of a traditional celebration of first Holy Communion is filled with unexpected turns. The author fully conveys the impact of a series of dramatic events – an accident! a surprise! – on their memory of a day of great significance to them. Big emotions and occurrences are presented through the eyes of a young author. A “rollercoaster ride” indeed!