International Children’s Day 2024

A wonderful poster designed by Erin one of our young artists, June 1st is International Children’s Day!  The theme of International children’s day 2024 is, ‘Investing in our future means investing in our children’. It’s Playtime! This year Sticky Fingers Arts and the Museum of Childhood Ireland are celebrating International Children’s Day together in Mc… Continue reading International Children’s Day 2024

Cuala Press Print

Beatrice Moss Campbell (Lady Beatrice Glenavy RHA ) 1881-1970.* Hand coloured Cuala Press Print in original frame, to illustrate the poem ‘Prayer for a Little Child’ by Winifred M Letts 1882-1972.** West of Ireland scene, with child, mother, fisherman, animals and fairy. Prayer for a Little Child  “God keep my jewel this day from danger;From and… Continue reading Cuala Press Print

Doll House Vacuum Cleaner

A little Japanese made 1950s tin plate and wire ‘electric’ doll house vacuum cleaner, donated to the Museum of Childhood Ireland in 2018. Research is ongoing. As children in Dublin in the 60s, we called our carpet vacuum sweeper by the manufacturing company’s name, the Electrolux, and others called theirs the Hoover, in much the… Continue reading Doll House Vacuum Cleaner

Model Mangle Toy

A vintage toy model mangle*, made from pressed metal and wood. It is a Butler Series toy, made in England, and in working condition. ‘It’s like Mother’s’ *Mangles, also known as wringers, were a domestic item used in the home in laundry work, to squeeze or wring water out of washed clothes before drying. The… Continue reading Model Mangle Toy

Snapshots of our Childhood

Karen Keogh, Waterford 1970s How did we survive? Play in the 70s.  I was lucky growing up. My father, was the C of I rector in Castlecomer. Consequently, we all had to live in the rectory. It was a huge but freezing cold house, there was no such thing as central heating in those days!… Continue reading Snapshots of our Childhood

When We Were Kings And Queens of the Road

When we Were Kings and Queens of the Road A “Travel to School” project, Robert Burns and the Museum of Childhood Ireland Músaem Óige na hÉireann Please click ‘Engagement Posts’ below to find all the stories to date or scroll down and find the stories beneath the images. Happy reading: Original artwork by Leanne McDonagh… Continue reading When We Were Kings And Queens of the Road

Richard Collier’s Toy Collection

Toy Collecting Growing up, watching TV was a big part of my childhood. Naturally, when Christmas and birthdays came around, I would ask for the toys associated with those cartoons and movies. Many hours were spent browsing toys in Banba Toymaster Dun Laoghaire, hoping that I could get the toys I wanted and those that… Continue reading Richard Collier’s Toy Collection

Wind Fairies Again

Book by Elizabeth Brennan* Illustrations, Naomi Heather** Published by Metropolitan Publishing Co Ltd, Dublin (32 Batchelor’s Walk) Dublin, and London. Printed by Hely’s Dublin. Hardback copy. There are 4 colour illustrations, and 38 line drawings in Wind Fairies Again See also : To Hilary from Daddy 22 July 1949 Hilary Tattan’s Book *Elizabeth Brennan (1907-1995)… Continue reading Wind Fairies Again

Berní Ní Conghalaigh, Cleimintín

Cleimintīn ( Clementina ) by A. E. W. Mason Published 1934 Publisher: Oifig Díolta Foillseachain Rialtais Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, d’aistrigh The book was a prize awarded to Berní Ní Conghalaigh ( Bernie Connolly) at Laurel Hill Day School, Limerick, in 1946. Berní added her own illustrations on the inside front and inside back cover too!… Continue reading Berní Ní Conghalaigh, Cleimintín