Exhibition Universal

Éist le ceol / listen to music. We are launching a digital exhibition for children at various stages of the global pandemic, centering around the exploration of universal themes with the aid of music. Each theme will be introduced with an accompanying music playlist supported by open-ended questions to which children can respond creatively. Responses can be expressed through any creative medium whether it be with poems, short stories, essays, films, animation, voice recordings, cross-stitch, artwork, compositions, or performances: anything really! Submissions can be abstract; they can also be non-fiction, recounting real experiences. The exhibition aims to help children explore their emotions and to offer insights into childhood experiences and thoughts, especially at this time.


Submissions are welcomed from young people up to the age of 18. Works should be directly submitted from carers and parents to:


A confirmation email will be sent to signify submissions have been received and reviewed. Please do not include personal identifying information and details of the submitter or related parties. Personal identifying information encompass, but are not limited to, the following: full names, birthdays, addresses, faces, email addresses, and phone numbers. 

While we strive to include all submissions within the exhibition, the final decision is made by the curator. Please make sure the submissions are appropriate and do not include any personal identifying information. We will work with parents and carers to make adjustments to works that are deemed unsuitable so they can be included. 


Although every effort has gone into curating child-friendly playlists with regards to lyrics and the content of the songs, the Museum of Childhood Ireland Project and its affiliates do not take responsibility for the possibility that some songs or lyrics may be considered inappropriate and/or offensive for children and their guardians. The organizations involved assume parents and carers have properly reviewed the songs before sharing them with children. Each playlist comes with a .pdf containing lyrics of the songs included. Please email info@museumofchildhood.ie if you have any concerns or suggestions.


Exhibition Universal Theme 1: Friendship

Thank you to all who’ve listened. Thank you to those who have also been so creative and who have been so generous in sharing their creativity with us.

Submissions Received:


By Cara age 9

Inspired by Lean on Me.

My Granny uses a stick some days
She finds it hard to get up from a chair some days
She leans on me some days
I will need a grandchild to lean on someday.


By Agneskia age 10

Inspired by You’ve got a friend in me.

The invitations were passed around
Excited and hushed
I wasn’t invited
My face was flushed
Mum asked me if I felt well
I walked on fast
I didn’t tell
I was so embarrassed
I met Anna from my class crying close to home
I said, do you want to sleep over?
Pizza, movie?
Here phone!
Now since we are best friends
We’re never alone.


By Thomas age 8.

Inspired by Count on Me.

Bedtime stories for my little brother
He’s 3 now
Only bother
I’ve to check for ghosts and zombies and monsters
Even for wolves and sharks and bears
So he won’t be scared and have a bad dream
I always say I’m here for you
I’m on your team.


By Antoinette. Age 7.

Inspired by That’s What Friends Are For

When I get in trouble with mum
Even when It takes me ages and ages to say I’m sorry
I know she’ll put her hand out and pull me to her and hug me.
My mummy.


By Anna age 10

Inspired by Absent Friends.

For Agnieszka.

My best friend went home to Poland
We cried night and day
But her dad was a builder and
There wasn’t work
But it was okay they say
We’d see each other on holiday
Then the Corona virus came
So they can’t get on a plane
And we can’t visit soon
Instead we’ve learned together to Zoom
We do online classes like this one and listen to the tunes
She in her room. Me in my room.
Together but apart.
Then looking out at the stars and moon.
With one heart. ❤️


By Tomás age 5

Inspired by Absent Friends

Bhí peata alainn agam

Bán agus donn

Anois tá se imithe

Agus tá mé trom


By Dáithi age 6

Inspired by Absent Friends

Beidh mé ag tabhairt cuairte ar mo Mhaimeo agus Dhaido

Beidh ann spraoi againn, beidh muid saor

Nuair a bhfuil gach rud ceart go leor ar domhan aris

Tá an praghas ar gach duine an-daor.


By Chloe age 12

Inspired by Thats What Friends Are For

I love the world

The universe

The land

The trees

The sea,

I love the people

The animals.

That we are all connected

This love will help us see.

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