Memories of a Cork Jewish Childhood

Ruti Lachs.

Memories of a Cork Jewish Childhood, a short video produced by Ruti Lachs, includes stories and memories from Jewish people around the world who grew up in Cork city, interspersed with photographs and music from Jewish Cork past and present.

The film was Runner-Up for a National Heritage Day Award in 2021.

This project came about as a result of the huge response to last year’s Heritage Week project Cork Jewish Culture Virtual Walk. People from all over the world made contact with Ruti to talk about their Cork Jewish ancestry and to share artefacts and memories. Since then, Ruti has had regular Zoom get-togethers with members of the old community, now scattered worldwide. Ruti has also interviewed current Cork residents and has written a new klezmer tune, the Cork Freilach, which drifts in and out during the video. 

Memories of a Cork Jewish Childhood was edited from a Zoom event which took place in July 2021. Since the film was produced, it has elicited much feedback, adding to the body of knowledge and the bonds of family and friendship between Cork’s Jewish and non-Jewish residents past and present.

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