JJ The dihseifhseyf

By James

My name is James I am 12 years old and this is what happens in my life. I woke up from my sleep and just lay there thinking about going back to sleep for about a minute. I grabbed my switch that was on my bookcase beside me and played a bit of animal crossing new horizons and the legend of Zelda breath of the wild for about 20 minutes until my mam woke up. My mam doesn’t really know that I play on my switch in the morning so I turned it off quickly and placed back on my bookcase. I got dressed in black clothes like was a depressed emo kid and went downstairs. I pet my two tabby cats, Catnip and Torracat and ate my breakfast which is a mix of wheata bix and rice crispies. I finished it and went to brush my teeth. After I brushed them I packed my lunch in my bag, but I couldn’t find my water bottle or my sunscreen (I use it because my skin can get easily burnt even when it’s cloudy) and my mam got cross with me and we looked for them I found my water bottle upstairs and it turns out that my sunscreen was in the middle pocket of my bag and so we went to school. In school we made towns and did English bla bla bla. I can’t really remember what we did in school that day. After school I went to my best friend Louis’ house and played basketball with him and his cousin Oscar who teaches us basketball. We played 21 for a few minutes then played 2 on 1 until my other best friend, Cody came and we played 3 on 1 for about 20 minutes and Oscar left so we went to go and have trampoline fun time. Louis went on the trampoline with his shoes on which he wasn’t allowed to do and Cody dragged him down and I held him. He repeatedly smacked me in the head and accidentally kneed me in the face. (By the way we don’t bully him it is just play) Then my mam came and I had to go home. We walked home and it took about 10 minutes to get home, when we got home I went up to my room to play on my switch but my parental controls stopped me from playing because it was too late so I brushed my teeth and went to bed. The End.

“This story captures an action packed day really stylishly. So many wonderful descriptions. I especially enjoyed the understated disappointment triggered by those pesky “parental controls” before bedtime!”

— Dr Matthew Fogarty, University College Dublin, Ireland