Rachel Dawnay’s Doll House 1920s

Whitfield Court, Waterford.

This doll’s house has an interesting provenance. According to Dr Rachel Finnegan, ”I recently learned from Mrs Dawnay, who sold Whitfield Court and its contents in 2005, that it had belonged to her late sister-in-law, Rachel Dawnay (sister of the later Major Dawnay). This would date it to the late 1920s. It’s wonderful because of its provenance, and because it is rustic, and made for her by one of the estate workers at Whitfield Court.”

Whitfield Court, Kilmeaden, Waterford.

Whitfield Court is a large house in Kilmeaden, just outside Waterford City. It was originally owned by the Christmas family, then the Chevasses, then became the home of the Dawnay family from the 1900s.