BC A Day in Blooms Park!

By Juliette

On the 16th of June2022 which to be honest I thought was going to be a normal day turned into a real adventure!   At 10am in the morning when I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I opened the door but instead of seeing my bathroom I saw a big meadow with a little red bridge! I thought that this was very mysterious so of course I went to investigate. I went across the little red bridge and that’s when I saw big flashing lights in the distance.

As I got closer, I saw a huge theme park called Blooms Park! When I went in, I saw a massive roller coaster called the JJ coaster. It looked like so much fun. I went on and there was a man beside me that looked so strange yet so familiar.

The roller coaster (the JJ coaster) was so much fun it had many twists and turns and there was also this huge drop that was scary but that’s what made it so incredibly fun. At the end of the ride, I noticed the man sitting beside me was wearing circular glasses, but I still couldn’t figure out who he was. Then I finally decided to ask him what his name was, but I was kind of nervous since he was a grown man and a stranger, and I was only a nine-year-old child.

He told me he was an author and that he was well known… and then I got it. He was the one and only James Joyce!

I went on a few more fun rides, and I also got myself some brunch since I hadn’t had my breakfast that morning. I think I remember having a ham and cheese bagel. After my brunch I decided to head off and look for a way home as it had been almost three hours.

A while after leaving Blooms Park I knew it was getting very late, so I started to look for a way home. Along the way I met a small, blue bird. To my surprise the bird started to talk to me! I told her all about my exciting day and how I was looking for a way home. “I think I remember seeing a strange white bathroom door across from a little red bridge down that alleyway.” She told me as she pointed in the left direction. As I walked down the alleyway, I was relieved to see the white bathroom door the bird had been telling me about as I was getting a little bit anxious. I walked in the door and saw that I was standing in my bathroom.

I went to get ready for dinner but that’s when I realised that it was still 10 o’clock in the morning!

I told my family, but they never believed me.                       


This is a really fun, enjoyable story. The writer has a great imagination. I’d love to visit Blooms Park myself!