BC On Time

By Arty

This is the boring story about how I got to go to school I know no one got to listen to this but also no one wanted to read James Joyce’s thing but look it now so here is a really boring story about how I got to school. It started off like any other day I had a weird dream about a random German guy having dinner with me and then ends up him trying to kill me but then I wake up in a pretty weird position with my dog with him being dead in the centre and my legs on top of me but then I wake up change my clothes take a left down the stairs then I sit down at the table and eat some nice cereal then I have to look for my shoes now a normal person would put it in one space but me I put them in a random place then look for them now it wasn’t that bad I just spent two minutes on it then I left the house at eight am which is okay and then me being distracted pets a cat in some ones garden the front one to be exact it was brown with some streaks of black then I see an old lady in her pyjamas then she gives me a lengthy conversation about all the cats she has and then it gets worse the cat bites me and now I have rabies and I die no the last bit was a joke the husband comes out and gives me the background about how they did adopt them and now it is something like five past and I am bored after that riveting conversation but luckily someone who walks with me left his house late because he was watching YouTube so I at least have someone to talk to on my way because I am very talkative if that is a word even but it is because it is not under lined so I guess it is a word so here we are but back to the very interesting story about my life so I am walking to school and there are always signs that I am there on time one is an old man who is bald goes into a garage with a small thing of milk at an exact time around nine past eight now the whole time I’ve been saying on time it’s really fifteen minutes earlier so not exactly its late but I am an early bird to get into school but not on waking up I wake up with ten minutes to spare but it takes me that time so not so bad but I make sure to stay the same pace I see a girl walking down this road at the same place and time who is there at eight eleven I make sure to stay this pace and at the end I was fifteen minutes early.

Despite what the author says at the beginning of this piece, I didn’t find this story boring at all! The writer has included plenty of detail in his or her work. Well done!