JJ A Day in My Life – Filip

By Filip

I woke up one morning thinking in my head what do I have today. Then I remembered that it was a Thursday. Then I thought, Do I have anything fun going on today. So I went on thinking and I thought I go into school then I have English which luckily was creative writing at least. Then going outside which was good. Then maths which wasn’t necessarily bad but again wasn’t anything special. Then I remembered at least we have dodge ball and after school I have no training or anything which at least means I can go outside with my friends. So all in all it wasn’t a bad day nor a necessarily good day. It was somewhere between. So anyway I lifted my head up out of bed and slowly opened my eyes. I took a nice big stretch and hit my head off the wall somehow. Which was pretty sore. Then I slowly placed my left leg out of my bed and onto the floor. Then slowly lifted my other leg across as well. Then I started to get dressed. Socks first then a top, pants, tracksuit and a jumper. Then I was ready to go and brush my teeth and wash my face. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the tap. It made a sort of a squeaky kind of noise. I took the toothpaste from the shelf and my toothbrush from on top of the sink. I put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and buzzed away. I put a timer on my watch so I knew when I could stop. I then started thinking of what was for breakfast. Then I heard my watch beep and looked down at it. The alarm had gone off. That meant it was time to stop brushing. I then took a clean cloth from the handle and soaked it with water and dragged it on my face. Then when my face was wet I got some cream that my mom gave me and spread it evenly on my face and then washed it away. I then slowly started to walk down the stairs. I spun around the bannister at the bottom and walked through the hall hearing my mom and sister talking. I walked into the kitchen to see what was for breakfast and I was happy I did. The delicious smell of pancakes with maple syrup and rashers. Yes I was starving. I couldn’t wait. I then started to make my lunch for school. My mam told me there was bagels in the bread shelf and mayo, lettuce and ham in the fridge. So I started to make it by taking everything out of the fridge and put the bagel in the toaster. Then I waited for it to pop out and soon enough pop. It came out then I put the mayo on and the ham and chopped the lettuce and put it on. The End

“A well-observed and described account of a morning routine.”

— Dr Sam Slote, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland