JJ A Day in My Life – Zoe

By Zoe

I awoke from my slumber at 3:15 am I awoke because I heard the swooshing of my LED lights falling they were wrapped around me, I stayed in bed for 30 min waiting to fall back into my sleep then I felt a jolt to get up and fix them I had already fixed them the previous night but I got up and stretched my legs, my legs were all wobbly so I stud up nice and slowly then I felt along the wall to find the blue tack when I had found it I grabbed the LED lights and stuck them on, I had no light so I had to feel along the wall for the other blue tack and the pin once I had them all up I checked the blue tack to make sure it was secure by the time I got to sleep it was 4:30 I think.

Then again I awoke to my noisy beeping alarm telling me it was 7:45 I turned to my side and switched it of then just like that I was asleep.

15 minutes later my dad came in and awoke me from my slumber by opening the blind he told me to get up I didn’t because I was exhausted from the night before I told him all about it, he patted me on the head and he went to go into his room to get dressed, I heard my brother making his way down stairs to bring out the dog, I still stayed in bed while I was in bed I was pushing of the covers with my feet then my dad came in and told me I had to get up so he took the rest of the covers of me and I was cold, He grabbed my hand and helped me out of bed, I put my feet on the fury carpet I walked over to my wardrobe I was still a bit cold I sat on the ground for 2 minutes then stood back up because I heard my dad. I took of my pyjamas and put on my favourite baggy t-shirt that my dad had given me it was from the world cup in 1998 , then I took my black baggy zip up hoodie popped it on and got my baggy blue denim jeans and my green socks and I sat on the top of the stairs putting on my socks and my dog charley was whining so I called her she tilted her head then my dad took her outside and I ran down to the kitchen my bother Sam was doing some of his maths homework then my dad came back in I put honey on my wheet-a-bix that my dad had put out then I told him about the James Joyce story’s that we are doing today he said; well that will be fun. Then I left the kitchen table as I was meeting the stairs my mam came in from her run so I quickly rushed up stairs and brushed my teeth and brushed my hair came back down popped on my vans shoes grabbed my coat and bag and rushed out the door.

“There’s some nice attention to detail here in terms of describing clothes.”

— Dr Sam Slote, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland