JJ 1 #Bloomsday21

By Aedus

It’s morning. My eyes and the lights are on in the car speed limit to Hell and the Devil Man United bottom of the Caribbean carry the 4 plus 6 is –

            “Is everyone dressed?”

Oh yeah forgot about that. Where I left my oh yes here it is put it on from last Wednesday. My socks just where they are in the basement drawer with my pyjamas off. Now – I’m starving yes oh yeah breakfast time to the table the Circle and King Arthur’s Knights – breakfast yes I’m coming…

            After Breakfast

Now time for music and the extracurricular stuff do headmasters sleep in socks feet down under Australia declares war and bang and mash and –


– notes writing in copybook –


– sharp flat squash the feet smell – Gm⁷ is G B♭ D F not sharp flat here we go round in circles –

            “Can I hear that again?”

F B♭ chord FBI spy James Bond in the river float off the edge and U2 with special guests in Hotel Chocolat flavour –

Oh no wait hang in not this it’s F G Am B# does not exist here there everywhere Old McDonald cheeseburger the – concentrate yes no yes –

            “Ok that’s enough for today.”

Now what to do now I know wait going outside after lunch break and then.

            After Lunch

Now cold on weather today get a coat from hanging on my room door. Also need wellies for long grass and put them on. Open the door and –

To the swing then and I am here now on the seat and swing. The swing called that because you sit on it and swing obvious really. So what will I – oh here is my sister now.

            “Can I play on the swing with you? We could talk about stuff.”

Hmm it would be a good idea and yes I think so.

            “Ok. What will we talk about?”

            “Things we might do on Minecraft.”

            Later on

I better go and have dinner then. Out of my room and I wonder what’s for dinner tonight maybe ooh turkey sausages now –

            “Did everyone get salt and pepper?”

No I didn’t get it no one did so oh here it comes –

            “Ok you can start.”

Ok now I am eating it tastes nice like it does so my room is clean so and it’s 7.30 so maybe we can go on Minecraft and –

            “Thank you for dinner.”

            Soon after

So now it is my turn and 15 minutes each quarter of hour 60 360 degree Circle K on the side of the drive test to fail fall of the end of the world and Mars around the sun and –

Oh yes my go is over. Your turn.

            That night

The end of a long day. A day of sharps# and flats♭ and swings and roundabouts and circles of 360 and my eyes are closed and I am awake – I think…

“This is a delightful and highly original and inventive story. The story is written as a stream of consciousness with interpolated dialogue and headings in the style of the ‘Aeolus’ episode of Ulysses. The story also has some nice and clever references to music. This story is Joycean in both form and content and was a pleasure to read.”

— Dr Sam Slote, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland