Easter, An Cháisc

Easter basket making, at the Rober Emmet CDP, Saturday 23rd March. In preparation for the upcoming Easter egg hunt at St Audeon’s, come and make your own basket for collecting eggs!

Spring into Activity at Audoen’s Park, Dublin on Saturday 30th March. Join the Museum of Childhood Irelands’s Dakota and Sofia, with SIDDCA for a day of fun!


St. Audeon’s Park sits alongside St. Audoen’s Church at Cornmarket in Dublin city centre. The park features Dublin’s original stone walls and the last surviving entrance to the old city.

Easter Egg Hunt: The volunteers will hide the eggs before the activity out of view of the children. Two rounds will be done and the children will be split up by age. The younger children will go first and the older second. The children will line up at the designated start point and released on the count of three. There will be 15 minutes to find the eggs for each round. Each child participates once for the sake of fairness.  Once the younger children are done the game will be set up for the older children and the rules repeated.

Three-legged race: This is a partner game. As many pairs can participate as the space allows. A start line and a finish line are established. Two people stand next two each other and their inside legs are tied together. The pairs line up at the start line and are released on the count of three. The pair then must work together with their now “three legs” to cross the finish line. First pair to cross wins. 

What do children learn from the Three-Legged race game?

  • Hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Gross motor skills and improved fitness.
  • Fun and co-operative play.


How to play the Popcorn Parachute Game:

  1. Place the Parachute on the ground and place all the toys and balls in the centre of the Parachute.
  2. Have each child pick up one of two of the Parachute’s handles.
  3. As the leader, let the children know to lift in unison on the count of 3.
  4. Once lifted, each child needs to flip the parachute up and down.
  5. The toys in the center of the Parachute with begin to “jump” up and down like popcorn being popped.
  6. The object of the game is to work together to keep the toys jumping and prevent them falling off the Parachute

Under the Sea Parachute Game:

  1. Put a variety of small toys in a box.
  2. Place the box under the Parachute.
  3. Choose one player to be the Diver. They will stand outside of the circle until they are called.
  4. Have each player pick up one or two Parachute handles.
  5. On the count of three, have the players generate “waves” in the Parachute by moving their arms up and down.
  6. Each player takes a turn telling the Diver which toy to retrieve from the “Treasure Box” under the sea.
  7. The Diver rushes under the Parachute, sifts through the box and emerges from the water.
  8. The game can either continue with each child holding the Parachute getting a turn at instructing the Diver, or another child can take their turn as Diver.

A fun STEM skill-building twist: Ask the children to predict how balls and toys of different weights will behave within the Parachute. It’s an early lesson in mass and gravity!

What do children learn from the Parachute Game? Working as a group towards a common goal is a valuable life skill that children learn from games, including the Parachute Game. Not only does each player have to literally hold up their end of the play, but they also have to communicate effectively and coordinate their movements to compliment that of neighbouring players. Children also build gross locomotor skills during play with a Parachute and develop hand-eye coordination. They will use a variety of muscles as they test the effect of different movements on the movement of the Parachute.