JJ Friday

By Finn

Finn, my mum calls. It’s time to get up. Sighing I raise my head to look around my room. The light creeping in from under the blind. I get up and walk over to my cupboard I pull open the drawer. I pull it open and take out my new vans t-shirt its yellow with a bit of white the vans logo glinting in the light. Its sunny outside so we’ll probably be going out to the seafront or visiting my granny and grandad. I put my vans t-shirt back in and I take out an Adidas one, probably shouldn’t wear the Vans one today. I pull out some jeans, socks and a hoodie, I put them on get my book and head downstairs. The second I get downstairs my dog Gus jumps on me and licks my hand but I’m not fooled he just wants to get upstairs to my dad’s bed. He does it every morning, and he gets it after his walk I go in and see my sister Isabel in her uniform, she goes to Mairyfield she is a first year but she Is coming up to her Summer exams so she’s been studying a lot. Hi, I say she says hi back. I sit down after putting a bagel in the toaster, we got a new toaster when we did up the house recently so it can fit 2 bagels in it or 4 slices of toast I prop up my book Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix probably my billionth time reading them. I’m just at the bit where Umbridge is captured by centaurs [mythic men who are half man from the waist up and horse from the waist down] when I heard my bagel pop. So I went over and got it. I was just finished buttering it when Isabel left and my mum took Gus for a walk. So I had the house to myself if you don’t count my dad in bed upstairs. He’s an accountant only up the road from the school called O’Dwyer and co he used to run it with his dad my Grandad but my Grandad died recently so it’s just him as the boss now. I finished my bagel got my coat and put on my bag just as my mum got home she gave Gus a treat cleaned his paws then let him upstairs. We left at around 15 past 8. We started walking and immediately there was a big gust of wind. It’s cooold we were walking fast because we both wanted to get to school/work I was talking to her about how I was looking forward to Rugby tonight. I do rugby on Fridays and Sundays and we were going to be starting tackling next week the new people who joined when we weren’t allowed to tackle would learn this week. Then we arrived at school. I said bye and she left.

“This entry contains lots of detail and describes the writer’s early morning routine very well. Good luck with the rugby training!”

— Dr Richard Barlow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore