JJ James Joyce 2021

By Esme

A normal day in my life. This morning I woke up extremely early at like 6 am. But I was really tired. When I woke up I felt really tired. Last night I had a terrible sleep because the night before I was up very late because. I had training quite late last night and my brother was being so loud he is so rude. But I better get up otherwise I will be late for school and my teacher will not be very happy. So I get up and get dressed it will take me about 10 minutes to get dressed. I really take my time getting ready because I am cold and tired and don’t want to go to school. Because I think it is very boring. So now I am up and dressed now I have to brush my teeth like every day it takes about 5 minutes. That is a lot for most people but I like my teeth nice and shiny for school. But as I am brushing my teeth my brother is there and needs to go to the bath room. So I have to do my teeth out on the landing witch is carpet and if you get toothpaste on the carpet you are dead. So he is done and now I have to spit my toothpaste out which is really gross. So now I am done that I have to go down stairs and do everything need. So now were down stairs I see that my brother Cillian is down stairs in the kitchen. He is sitting in the corner on the armchair relaxing with a smug look on his face because he is already done getting ready to go. He is a teenager now and so annoying. He never leaves his room it is like his cave and he is like the little bear living in it. So now I will make my lunch I think I might put some chicken, raisins, raspberry, orange and a biscuit. That I made yesterday when I got home at 02:30 because I walked home it takes longer. Now I am done making my lunch I can make breakfast. Normally have a bagel but we ran out so I will have cereal. It is not as nice but it is better than nothing. I have this juice I like that I have before I have to leave it is a mix of a lot of fruits and I get to when I go to the shop with my mum. Now I put my lunch in my bag. Then my dad came in and I asked him to fill my water and he asked me what bottle I wanted and I said any because I was in rush he filled it while I went to get something in my room witch was my glasses cleaner because my glasses were dirty so now I get in my car.

“This story is graced with an endearing narrative voice distinguished by a gift for vivid, fresh description. The breathless forward momentum of the sentences, coupled with the voice of a guileless narrator who confides that she brushes her teeth every day for “about 5 minutes” because “I like my teeth nice and shiny for school,” produces a distinctive and engaging speaker. In particular, the writer’s simultaneously lyrical and humorous description of her teenage brother is superb. “He never leaves his room it is like his cave and he is like the little bear living in it.””

— Prof. Margot Backus, University of Houston, USA