JJ James Joyce Competition

By Sofie

I wake up at 7:00 in the morning I take of my white cover off me and then make my bed and as I walk out of my bedroom I close the door. I walk to the living room after closing the door to my bedroom and I open the door to the living room and see my parents on the couch watching the television drinking a cup coffee and I say ‘good morning mom, and good morning dad`. I they look at me with their cup of coffee and say ‘good morning to you too`. I walk back to my bedroom and open the door and walk in. I walk over where my curtains are and take the left side and pull it sideways to the left and then I take the right side to the curtain and pull it sideways to the right and the sun shines bright. I then go to my closet and open it and take the clothes that I want to wear that day. I get dressed and walk to the kitchen and make my breakfast I get a bowl put it on the table and get a spoon and put that beside the bowl and then get some corn flakes and pour that In the bowl and when I think it’s enough I stop pouring and put the box down open the fridge and grab some soya milk then put the milk on the table and close the fridge. I open the lid to the milk and pour it in to the bowl that has corn flakes in it I pour the milk in and it fills up about half the bowl and I stop pouring and close the milk and put it back in the fridge. I then put the bowl in the microwave for 2 minutes and when it’s done I take it out put it on the table and take the spoon put it in the bowl and scoop some cornflakes and eat. When I am finished I pick up the bowl walk to the sink and wash the bowl with soap and a sponge. When I’m finished I take a tissue and wipe all the water off until it is clean. After that I take my tablet go to my room hop on my bed and watch a show on Netflix when I’m done watching a few episodes it would be 2:00 so I go and ask my mom if I can go outside with my brother’s and she says `yes’. I go outside open the garage and my brother’s would play with the sand that would be in the garage and then my cousin’s comes out and the oldest one that was 8 would come to me and start a conversation and the youngest one would play with my brother’s in the sand. After a few hours I told my brothers we have to go eat and then open the door and go inside the apartment.

“This story evokes the difficulties of getting up in the morning very well – highly relatable content! I enjoyed the details like the tea being “slightly milky.””

— Dr Richard Barlow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore