JJ My Day-Paddy

By Paddy

So when I wake up in the morning I usually wake up at about six fifty AM. I usually lounge around for about forty minutes in my big room in the attic and I only get up those forty minutes later because I keep the window open and I end up getting really cold being very high up in the house.

When I get up I go down 2 flights of stairs to the living room beside the office and sit there for about five minutes so that I can see all the stuff in there. Then after I am done in there I take all the ice cream wrappers and glasses left on the sofa-side table from the night before and I bring them down stairs to the kitchen. On my way down passing my porch, bathroom, utility room and the office. I open up the cupboard and I take out the knock off Weetabix “Bixies”. I then walk over to the cutlery drawer and I take out a big spoon and I walk over to the fridge and I take out the milk and I take the honey off a shelf beside the fridge. I make the bixies into Weetabix and I eat it in about five minutes. I then go past all the rooms that I love all the way up three stories of stairs to my attic. I tell my brother it is time to get up on my way up. I then get dressed with all of my clothes.

I sort out my laundry every Wednesday morning bringing it down to the laundry room. When I am dressed I close the window in my attic and open up it later on and I then get ready to leave in about twenty five minutes because it is now about seven forty five.

When I am really early like this I go back down to the living room and I sit there for about another ten minutes and after that I head down the stairs to the downstairs bathroom and I brush my teeth and wash my face and hands. After that everyone is up and they are all in the kitchen so I walk in the kitchen and say good morning and I then get my lunch which is made for me. I put it in my bag and I get my coat from the hallstand at the bottom of the stairs. I go back up to the living room with about five minutes before I leave and I look out the window waiting for one of my friends to ring my doorbell so we can walk to school together. Along the way we usually meet three more of our friends along the way. When I leave I shout goodbye! See you later! And I walk out the door. Four out of five of us who walk to school together sit together at school and the other one is just at the next table.

“This story is notable for its unusual, lyrical voice. The writer establishes a gently mysterious sense of the home space they traverse, from the cold, very high up attic, to the living room, two flights down, where the writer habitually sits for a few minutes, in order “to see all the stuff in there.” This oblique language recalls the mysterious gulf that separates children from adults, and imbues that breach with beauty. Striking in its simplicity, by leaving the home space described uncluttered by details, this story attains emotional eloquence and verbal artistry in phrases such as: “I then go past all the rooms that I love all the way up three stories of stairs to my attic.””

— Prof. Margot Backus, University of Houston, USA