Aileen Sweeny’s ‘The Bubbauns’

A National Treasure, Aileen Sweeny and Family.

“These are the ‘Bubbauns’ made by my granny Hannah approximately 90 years ago. My granny was a dressmaker and the family lived over a shop in Ballina, Co Mayo. Much loved and played with by my father Bob and his brother Paddy. The 3rd doll, Jack, is in worse repair.

Jack in real life was Bob and Paddy’s 1st cousin who spent a lot of time with them.

Also see the adventures of the Bubbauns and Doggy McDog, handwritten  by the boys who are all sadly no longer with us. 

I was the youngest in the family and only ever got a glimpse of the toys and stories but my brother Robbie says “One of the things I loved most in the stash was the maps they’d made of the Bubân Kingdom, the Rich Country etc. And as I recall it there are stories interwoven through the ‘newspapers’In the copybooks. It looks to have been Paddy who did the great Cowboy story-so well drawn!- was it ‘Buck’ someone or other? Happy reading.” Aileen Sweeny.