The Wind Fairies

Book by Elizabeth Brennan

A charming, whimsical story about the alignment of the North, South and West Winds in the face of the evil East Winds. Featuring poems and stories about fairies and leprechauns, delightfully illustrated by Irish artist Naomi Heather. It comprises eight colour illustrations, and fifty two line drawings.  Hardback copy, Metropolitan Publishing Ltd, Dublin and London and Printed by Hely’s Ltd, Dublin in 1946

The Wind Fairies by Elizabeth Brennan

Elizabeth Brennan was born in Clonmel, Co., Tipperary in 1907, and attended school as a boarder at Sion Hill, Blackrock, County Dubllin.

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Elizabeth Brennan

1907- ; b. Clonmel, Co., Tipperary; ed. Sion Hill, Blackrock; 10 light novels incl. Patrick’s Woman (1969); Mountain of Desire (1970); Innocent in Eden (1971), and ICA prize winning Girl on An Island (1984); also plays, Compassion, and The Parting of the Ways, and poems, The Wind Over the Bogs (1950). DIW

Out of the Darkness
(Dublin: Metropolitan 1945); The Wind Fairies (Dublin: Metropolitan 1946); Am I My Brother’s Keeper? (Dublin: Metropolitan 1946); Whispering Walls (Dublin: Metropolitan 1948); Mystery of Hermits’ Crest (Dublin: Metropolitan 1948); Wind over the Bogs (Dublin: Metropolitan 1950); The Children’s Book of Irish Saints (London: Harrap 1963); His Glamorous Cousin (London: Hale; Toronto: Thomas Allen 1963); Her Lucky Mistake (London: Hale 1966); Retreat from Love (London: Hale 1967); Love in the Glade (London: Hale 1968); Patrick’s Woman (London: Hale 1969); No Roses for Jo (London: Hale 1972); Innocent in Eden (London: Hale 1973); A Girl Called Debbie (London: Hale 1975); Love’s Loom (London: Hale 1973); Girl on an Island (London: Hale 1984)

Book from the McAllister Collection, at the Museum of Childhood Ireland.