Anna’s ‘Nenagh’ and Rose’s ‘Clonmel’ doll prams

Anna, in Co Wicklow and Rose, in Limerick, were both the proud owners of beautiful Irish made doll prams. Castle Brand, Nenagh. Irish Aluminium Company. Castle Brand is a tributary reference to Nenagh Castle. The second pram says Clonmel. Our research is ongoing. Do get in touch if you have any information. email: The… Continue reading Anna’s ‘Nenagh’ and Rose’s ‘Clonmel’ doll prams

Ann Finegan-Hyland’s Toy furniture and house

My oldest sister had this Lines Brothers, Triang dolls house that we all played with in the 1970s. It had two floors and red roof. All of the little pieces of furniture were used in the house. We would also play in our living room with the toy furniture, making other houses for our dolls.… Continue reading Ann Finegan-Hyland’s Toy furniture and house

Rea’s Matchbox Dressing Table

My mammy and my older sister made the dressing table for us. It was modelled on our Nana’s dressing table in her bedroom. They used matchstick boxes and leftover wallpaper, along with buttons for handles. Cardboard was cut out in the same shape as the mirror and the mirror piece was glued into place. It… Continue reading Rea’s Matchbox Dressing Table

Berney’s little wooden Dresser and Tea Sets

Berney’s father made the dresser for her in the 1930s when she was a small child. It received new coats of paint in the 1960s and again in 1970s as it came back into use in the family, with Chinese blue Willow china crockery, and other dolls’ tea sets, on its shelves. Berney was born… Continue reading Berney’s little wooden Dresser and Tea Sets

Sean’s Acrobat

This energetic little gymnast on a bar belonged to Sean Doyle, who was born in 1921 in West Clare. The toy dates from the 1930s and was made in Japan. Sean was the eldest of a large family who worked a small farm and were not well off, so toys like this were precious. Sean… Continue reading Sean’s Acrobat

Berney’s Music Box Theatre

Vintage, handmade wood and Venetian paper musical theatre box in the Commedia dell’ Arte tradition, bought on the Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy, at Al Sogno* the old toyshop, in the early 1990s by Rose for her mother, Berney, who had fond memories of playing with a similar toy theatre in her childhood in Ireland the… Continue reading Berney’s Music Box Theatre

Rose Doyle’s toys & clothing

Family Rose’s family lived on the Ennis Road in Limerick City from 1957 to 2023, in the same semi-detached house with gardens back and front. Rose was born in 1959 and she was a bit older than the next two siblings and more than a decade older than the youngest. She was careful with her… Continue reading Rose Doyle’s toys & clothing

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Máire’s Triang pushchair

Triang toy pushchair manufactured in Belfast and played with by Máire-Ann Doyle, Mt Merrion, Dublin in the 1960s. Even with years of play the original label is still attached.  Lines Brothers, PedigreeWorks, Castlereagh  Watch beautiful Triang footage here, directed by Gael Linn 1963: Toys, Buy Now for Christmas – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 201 Find more… Continue reading Máire’s Triang pushchair

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Carole Cullen & Muffin the Mule

“Muffin the Mule is a marionette beloved in my childhood. I grew up in rural North Cornwall in a old house which creaked with age and charm. My family consisted of my father who worked in adult education, my mother who taught elocution and piano, my granny who cooked and loved us, and my sister… Continue reading Carole Cullen & Muffin the Mule

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