Judy McDonnell Durnin’s Doll House 1950s

As a four year old in the 1950’s I requested a dolls house for Christmas. My parents acquired a second hand bungalow dolls house from friends of theirs and bought new furniture for it. However two weeks before Christmas I announced that my new house would have stairs and bedrooms just like my own house.

My father spent his evenings in his garage making an upper floor and stairs which my mother covered in blue felt. One of my happiest childhood memories is going into the sitting room that Christmas morning and my Grandad was standing in front of a brightly lit fire, there were Christmas lights shining all along the pelmet and under the Christmas tree was my dolls house with all its room lights switched on. To my four year old eyes it was a just magical scene.

Judy McDonald Durnin. 

Dolls House, Ireland 1950′