Education in 1970s Ireland

Figure 1: Sketch of Padraig Faulkner (O’Connell, 2012) The 1970s was a dramatic period worldwide and similarly one of economic, industrial, and political unrest in Ireland. This period of social change sharpened the debates about equality and the lives of Irish women. The 1970s also saw the continuation of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland which… Continue reading Education in 1970s Ireland

Bloomsday 2024: Young Author Competition

Diary of a Selkie in The Future. By Maggie Wednesday the 16th of June I wake up as normal to the sound of the strong, gentle silver lappings that lead to my home in Cullane underwater City splashing against the rocky land. The city is the most fantastic place I have ever been with its… Continue reading Bloomsday 2024: Young Author Competition

Education in 1960s Ireland

The opening of Ballymun Comprehensive School (O’Moore, 2015). Life in the 1960s was influenced by the civil rights movement across the world, and by the ‘cold war’ of the United States and the Soviet Union. Ireland also experienced changes and civil unrest during this period.  Northern Ireland witnessed the beginning of the ‘The Troubles’ with… Continue reading Education in 1960s Ireland

Education in 1930s Ireland

Education in the 1930s in Ireland under the leadership of Thomas McDerrig, a Fianna Fail TD who was the Minister of Education from 1932-1939 Figure 1: Thomas Derrig, Minister for Education from 1932 to 1939 (Dubhghaill, 2022). Thomas Derrig was the Minister of Education from 1932 to 1939. Derrig was one of the founding members… Continue reading Education in 1930s Ireland

Education in 1920s Ireland

With the Irish Free State just coming into the Irish political sphere after the centuries long control by the United Kingdom, there needed to be a reconfiguration of the educational system within Ireland. This started with the creation of the Department of Education, which was formed on the 26th of August 1921, with Eoin MacNeill… Continue reading Education in 1920s Ireland