Snapshots of our Childhood

Bairbre Ní Fhloinn, 1950s Clontarf, Dublin Once, when I was very small, my mother bought me a child’s scissors. It was in the shape of a bird with a beak that opened and shut as the blades were opened and closed. Obviously, it was designed to ensure that no serious damage could be done with… Continue reading Snapshots of our Childhood

Wind Fairies Again

Book by Elizabeth Brennan* Illustrations, Naomi Heather** Published by Metropolitan Publishing Co Ltd, Dublin (32 Batchelor’s Walk) Dublin, and London. Printed by Hely’s Dublin. Hardback copy. There are 4 colour illustrations, and 38 line drawings in Wind Fairies Again See also : To Hilary from Daddy 22 July 1949 Hilary Tattan’s Book *Elizabeth Brennan (1907-1995)… Continue reading Wind Fairies Again