Model Mangle Toy

A vintage toy model mangle*, made from pressed metal and wood. It is a Butler Series toy, made in England, and in working condition. ‘It’s like Mother’s’ *Mangles, also known as wringers, were a domestic item used in the home in laundry work, to squeeze or wring water out of washed clothes before drying. The… Continue reading Model Mangle Toy

Maia’s little Rosebud doll, 1950s

Maia grew up in SE London in the 50s. Her parents both hailed from Co Wexford. She was given the beautiful little Rosebud doll by her neighbour and always treasured it. A 7 inch doll, she opens and closes her eyes, has a fully jointed body, soft brown hair, painted shoes, and is dressed in… Continue reading Maia’s little Rosebud doll, 1950s