Early Childhood Voices

Photo by Fabian Centeno on Unsplash

At the Museum of Childhood we know how important it is for children to have their voices heard, listened to and acted upon. We ensure that even the very youngest of children have a platform to share their voice.

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One of the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) relates to the principle of participation and it tells us that “the child’s view must be considered and taken into account in all matters affecting him or her” (UN, 1989). Article 12 of the convention explains how children have the right to freely express their own opinion once they are “capable of forming” their own views.

We believe that children of all ages have the capability to form their own views, however, finding a way to share those views and share their voice may not always be straightforward. When babies and young children are pre-verbal or non-verbal we need to find ways to facilitate them to make their voice heard. The linear view of sharing your voice through words alone is insufficient when it comes to our youngest children.

The “Voices of Early Childhood” posts will endeavour to provide a space for those voices to be seen, heard and shared!

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If you would like further information or if you work with young children in early childhood and would like to share your ideas for representing the voices of young children, please contact: info@museumofchildhood.ie

UNCRC. (1989). United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Geneva: UNCRC.