Angela Finegan’s Upside Down, Cinderella Doll

1st-She serves as a maid to her step-mother and sisters 2nd- She goes to the ball! The upside down Cinderella doll came from our aunt in Winchester, England. A neighbour of hers made the dolls from scraps of material. One year, for each of our birthdays a doll arrived in the post to us in… Continue reading Angela Finegan’s Upside Down, Cinderella Doll

Rea’s Matchbox Dressing Table

My mammy and my older sister made the dressing table for us. It was modelled on our Nana’s dressing table in her bedroom. They used matchstick boxes and leftover wallpaper, along with buttons for handles. Cardboard was cut out in the same shape as the mirror and the mirror piece was glued into place. It… Continue reading Rea’s Matchbox Dressing Table