Snapshots of our Childhood

Bairbre Ní Fhloinn, 1950s Clontarf, Dublin Once, when I was very small, my mother bought me a child’s scissors. It was in the shape of a bird with a beak that opened and shut as the blades were opened and closed. Obviously, it was designed to ensure that no serious damage could be done with… Continue reading Snapshots of our Childhood

International Children’s Day 2024

A wonderful poster designed by Erin one of our young artists, June 1st is International Children’s Day!  The theme of International children’s day 2024 is, ‘Investing in our future means investing in our children’. It’s Playtime! This year Sticky Fingers Arts and the Museum of Childhood Ireland are celebrating International Children’s Day together in Mc… Continue reading International Children’s Day 2024

Community & Diaspora Engagement

Photo by Nils Nedel

Hello! Welcome to the Community Engagement programme at the Museum of Childhood Ireland, we’re thrilled you stopped by. Here you will find stories, memories and interviews shared by our friends and followers about all things childhood, and growing up in Ireland and amongst the diaspora.  We at the Museum feel that the community should be… Continue reading Community & Diaspora Engagement