When We Were Kings And Queens of the Road: Alice Taylor

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To School through the Fields Going and coming from school was so varied, interesting and often challenging that it made school itself almost fade into the background. I did not venture on that school journey until I was seven years old, as the safari across a dozen fields of hills and hollows was deemed to… Continue reading When We Were Kings And Queens of the Road: Alice Taylor

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The Museum of Childhood Ireland’s Reflections On . . . blog invites people of all ages, ethnicities, communities, and backgrounds to address any topics regarding childhood and/or education in Ireland. Our objective is to stimulate important and timely conversations by creating a diverse and thought-provoking mosaic of the challenges and opportunities that face parents, guardians,… Continue reading Blog Archive: Reflections On . . .

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Mary Kenny’s Irish dancing costume 1990s

Mary wore this embroidered orange velvet Irish dancing costume in the 1990s, when she was nine years old and dancing with the Hogan School of Dance, Dublin. McAllister Collection. Donated to the Museum of Childhood Ireland in 2023

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Reflections on … when school doesn’t seem to be an option

What happens when a young person just can’t go to school? One response is iScoil, a non-profit online learning service for early school leavers, aged 13-16. Educational Welfare Officers refer young people to iScoil. There, they encounter an online personalised learning plan, designed to bring out the best of the student’s abilities and to provide… Continue reading Reflections on … when school doesn’t seem to be an option

When school isn’t an option: A parent’s story

It started towards the end of Primary School. Fifth class had already been difficult and an ongoing family health crisis that had dropped a bomb into our life. By the last term of Fifth Class, Róisín* (name changed) had had enough. It was all just too much. “I can’t” said the previously fun, happy, smiley… Continue reading When school isn’t an option: A parent’s story

When school isn’t an option: Libby’s story

Hello, my name is Libby. I am a 15-year-old student of iScoil and this is my story. I started secondary school in September 2019 and I loved it. To be able to walk around school, have my own locker, go to buy lunch and eat with everyone. But when Covid hit, I was inside so… Continue reading When school isn’t an option: Libby’s story

Rose Doyle’s toys & clothing

Family Rose’s family lived on the Ennis Road in Limerick City from 1957 to 2023, in the same semi-detached house with gardens back and front. Rose was born in 1959 and she was a bit older than the next two siblings and more than a decade older than the youngest. She was careful with her… Continue reading Rose Doyle’s toys & clothing

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Exploring Magic and Wonder: A Look at Recently Published Irish Children’s Picture Books and Graphic Novels

Children’s literature has the incredible power to transport young readers to far-off lands, spark their imaginations, and foster a love for storytelling. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of Irish children’s literature, focusing on recently published picture books and graphic novels that offer a glimpse into the magic and wonder of Ireland. These works, whether produced by Irish publishing houses or created by Irish authors and illustrators, provide captivating tales that capture the spirit of the Emerald Isle.

Triang pushchair

Triang toy pushchair manufactured in Belfast and played with by Máire-Ann Doyle, Mt Merrion, Dublin in the 1960s. Even with years of play the original label is still attached.  Lines Brothers, PedigreeWorks, Castlereagh  Watch beautiful Triang footage here, directed by Gael Linn 1963: Toys, Buy Now for Christmas – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 201 Find more… Continue reading Triang pushchair

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Carole Cullen & Muffin the Mule

“Muffin the Mule is a marionette beloved in my childhood. I grew up in rural North Cornwall in a old house which creaked with age and charm. My family consisted of my father who worked in adult education, my mother who taught elocution and piano, my granny who cooked and loved us, and my sister… Continue reading Carole Cullen & Muffin the Mule

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When We Were Kings and Queens of the Road: Latisha McCrudden

My school journey My school journey from the age of four to eighteen, through primary and secondary was overall mostly positive. I would split my school journey into two parts, the time I grew up in a domestic abuse home until I was fourteen, and the four years after. I grew up in a small… Continue reading When We Were Kings and Queens of the Road: Latisha McCrudden

Halloween at the Museum of Childhood Ireland

A Tale as Old as Time! Snap-Apple Night, painted by Irish artist Daniel Maclise in 1833. It was inspired by a Halloween party he attended in Blarney, Ireland, in 1832.

Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble… It is almost October 31st, and that can mean only one thing – Halloween is almost here! It is a time that holds great memories for so many of us – an excuse to dress up in costume, and knock on stranger’s doors only to… Continue reading Halloween at the Museum of Childhood Ireland