Reflections on … childhood adventures, play, risk and freedom

I wonder if the idea of a museum of childhood is a contradiction in terms? A museum is a space for preservation after all, whereas childhood should be a space for unimpeded activities of playful exploring, discarding, abandoning, followed by more play. Yet, childhood makes an indelible mark on our mind’s eye, and, as science… Continue reading Reflections on … childhood adventures, play, risk and freedom

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Here you will find a selection of free content especially for children, with recreational, educational, historical and cultural resources for parents/guardians/ teachers to copy, download or use as inspiration! The Children’s page is a work in progress, so please bear with us as our Education team load content/resources suitable for pre-school age/primary and secondary school… Continue reading About this Section

Primary School Outreach

History of Toys. Museum of Childhood Ireland worked with a Dublin Primary school on a curriculum history strand: Learning from the past by examining toys that children played with. Teacher overview:

On the 40th anniversary of the ban on corporal punishment…

Ireland’s legacy of physical abuse in religious run schools Many Irish children had secure, happy school experiences. However a proportion of children who went to religious run schools experienced physical and emotional abuse.  I was a 12-year-old student when a punch from the clerical Headmaster at one of Ireland’s oldest Catholic secondary schools permanently damaged… Continue reading On the 40th anniversary of the ban on corporal punishment…

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Nurturing Identity Through Pages of Heritage: The Significance of Irish Literature for Irish Children

rish literature, with its rich tapestry of myths, legends, and tales, plays a pivotal role in shaping the identity of Irish children. A nation’s literature is a mirror reflecting its history, values, and cultural identity. For the children of Ireland, literature serves as a powerful tool that not only entertains and educates but also helps construct their sense of self within the broader context of their heritage. In this blog post, we delve into the historical events that have shaped Irish literature and explore the sociological theories underpinning childhood identity development to understand the profound importance of Irish literature in nurturing a strong sense of identity among Irish children.

When We Were Kings and Queens of the Road: Sophie Grenham

Sophie Grenham on a visit to Hong Kong, 2016. Image credit: Eoin Rafferty

Sophie Grenham’s Journey to School I had two childhoods. One was chiefly from infancy to my early teens in Hong Kong and the remainder was spent in my family’s native Dublin. Hong Kong, when I think of it, feels like a dream, as I’ve been in Ireland for so long. This thrumming, chaotic island in… Continue reading When We Were Kings and Queens of the Road: Sophie Grenham


Ulysses. James Joyce. 2023 Young Writers annual Competition from the Museum of Childhood Ireland and Marsh’s Library Dublin.  The Museum of Childhood Ireland and Marsh’s Library, Dublin are delighted to announce that our finalists in the Bloomsday Young Writers Competition 2023 are!… 🎉 Sinéad, age 18, Co Dublin Wai Man, age 16, Dublin Angel, age… Continue reading Bloomsday2023

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