Berní Ní Conghalaigh, Cleimintín

Cleimintīn ( Clementina ) by A. E. W. Mason Published 1934 Publisher: Oifig Díolta Foillseachain Rialtais Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, d’aistrigh The book was a prize awarded to Berní Ní Conghalaigh ( Bernie Connolly) at Laurel Hill Day School, Limerick, in 1946. Berní added her own illustrations on the inside front and inside back cover too!… Continue reading Berní Ní Conghalaigh, Cleimintín

Berney’s little wooden Dresser and Tea Sets

Berney’s father made the dresser for her in the 1930s when she was a small child. It received new coats of paint in the 1960s and again in 1970s as it came back into use in the family, with Chinese blue Willow china crockery, and other dolls’ tea sets, on its shelves. Berney was born… Continue reading Berney’s little wooden Dresser and Tea Sets

Sean’s Acrobat

This energetic little gymnast on a bar belonged to Sean Doyle, who was born in 1921 in West Clare. The toy dates from the 1930s and was made in Japan. Sean was the eldest of a large family who worked a small farm and were not well off, so toys like this were precious. Sean… Continue reading Sean’s Acrobat

Berney’s Music Box Theatre

Vintage, handmade wood and Venetian paper musical theatre box in the Commedia dell’ Arte tradition, bought on the Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy, at Al Sogno* the old toyshop, in the early 1990s by Rose for her mother, Berney, who had fond memories of playing with a similar toy theatre in her childhood in Ireland the… Continue reading Berney’s Music Box Theatre

Rose’s 1960s Lines Brothers ‘Triang’ Doll House

This is a two-story metal fronted dolls’ house. It is a Triang Doll house model number 65. The house was given to Rose by her parents at Christmas 1965 or 1966. Her mother Berney recalled buying it in a shop at the top of Roche’s Street in Limerick. The house was almost empty when it… Continue reading Rose’s 1960s Lines Brothers ‘Triang’ Doll House