Doll House Vacuum Cleaner

A little Japanese made 1950s tin plate and wire ‘electric’ doll house vacuum cleaner, donated to the Museum of Childhood Ireland in 2018. Research is ongoing. As children in Dublin in the 60s, we called our carpet vacuum sweeper by the manufacturing company’s name, the Electrolux, and others called theirs the Hoover, in much the… Continue reading Doll House Vacuum Cleaner

Rose’s 1960s Lines Brothers ‘Triang’ Doll House

This is a two-story metal fronted dolls’ house. It is a Triang Doll house model number 65. The house was given to Rose by her parents at Christmas 1965 or 1966. Her mother Berney recalled buying it in a shop at the top of Roche’s Street in Limerick. The house was almost empty when it… Continue reading Rose’s 1960s Lines Brothers ‘Triang’ Doll House